Diaper Changing Tricks

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Diaper Changing Tricks

Mom-approved tips for the changing table

Feel like half your life these days is spent changing dirty diapers? According to, baby moms do it six times a day—more if they have a newborn. Insider tips from mamas who’ve been there (many, many times):

I prepare everything I need before I put my baby on the changing table. I take out one sheet of wipes and pull another just barely out so I can snatch it from the tub easily if I need it.” –Nethania Winardi, Birmingham, AL

Before removing a dirty diaper, I place a clean one underneath to absorb any unexpected mess.” Heather Martin, Houston, TX

Talk to your baby while you change him, telling him what you’re going to do. Even if he can’t understand you, your voice will calm him and get him used to the routine.” Dawn Echlin, Laguna Hills, CA

I keep stickers by the changing table. I put them on my baby’s hands and arms so he’ll look at them and get distracted while I’m changing him.”Pamela Brill

Forget the changing table. I have a basket in which I keep diapers, wipes, diaper cream, an extra outfit, and a blanket to use as a pad. It’s easier to take the supplies to my two kids and change them where they are than to haul them to a table each time.” Brooke Greenstreet, Pensacola, FL