Diapering Boys vs. Diapers Girls

by Sharon Anne Waldrop

Diapering Boys vs. Diapers Girls

Changing-table tips every new parent should know

After having two daughters, Joyce Megginson Kircher of Merritt Island, FL, considered herself a diapering pro. That is, until her son Chris came along and squirted her in the face! Some changing-table tips for?

?a boy

  • First drape a clean diaper, washcloth, or paper towel over his penis to avoid the spray Kircher got.

  • Lift up and thoroughly clean the areabeneath your son’s scrotum every timeyou wipe him, says Linda Dockery, charge nurse at the newborn nursery at LomaLinda University Children’s Hospital, in California.

  • As you put on the fresh diaper, direct his penis downward and toward the center to prevent leaks from the top or sides. (And don’t be surprised if your guy has a little erection–it’s totally normal.)

?a girl

  • Clean from the top of her labia down to the anus, checking the folds in between.

  • If you see a sticky substance in the vagina’s folds, just wipe it away. It’s most likely vernix, which protects a baby’s skin in the womb and can reappear as it’s secreted from the vagina.

  • At bathtime, rinse the area really well and skip the soap (you can clean with Cetaphil if you want more than just water). Soap has been blamed for an increase in urinary-tract infections in girls.