Diapering Tips: Boys vs. Girls

by Sharon Anne Waldrop

Diapering Tips: Boys vs. Girls

After two girls, Joyce Megginson Kircher of Merritt Island, FL, thought she was a diapering pro  — until her son Chris squirted her in the face! Some tips when you’re changing…

…a boy
• Drape a clean diaper or washcloth over his penis to avoid the spray Kircher got.
• Lift up and thoroughly clean the area under your son’s scrotum every time you wipe him, says Linda Dockery, charge nurse at the newborn nursery at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, in southern California.
• As you put the fresh diaper on, direct his penis downward and toward the center to prevent leaks. (And don’t be surprised if it’s erect: This is normal.)

…a girl
• Clean from the top of the labia down to the anus, checking the folds in between.
• If you see a sticky substance in the vagina’s folds, just wipe it away. It’s probably vernix, which protects a baby’s skin in the womb and can reappear as it’s secreted from the vagina.
• During big cleanups, rinse really well or skip soap. It’s been blamed for an increase in urinary-tract infections in girls.