Finding Solid Food Success

by Anita Sethi, Ph.d.

Finding Solid Food Success

When it comes to solid foods, it’s not love at first bite for most babies. Research reveals that it takes an average of one month to get from the introduction of solids to the point where your baby is eating more than a few teaspoonfuls a day. Here’s how to encourage your baby’s love affair with the spoon:

Start slow. Don’t expect your hungry little caterpillar to clean her plate. Even two successful baby-spoonfuls are a major accomplishment. Offer her some when she’s already had a little milk from the breast or bottle. If she’s famished, she’ll be too frustrated to try something new.

Think outside the (cereal) box. While rice cereal is the most popular first food, she may not like the taste. Ask your doctor if you can offer her something more flavorful, like pureed sweet potatoes. Introduce only one solid at a time, and wait about three days to pinpoint any allergies.

Make eating social. Seat the newest member of the family at the dinner table with the rest of the gang. She may be motivated to copy your actions. My son Eli had no interest in solids until he saw sautèed tofu on his older brother’s plate. I mashed a small piece and he gobbled it up.