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13 Finger Foods for Babies

  • Photo by Sharon Mollerus (CC Licensed)

    Banana slices

    Moving away from the baby food aisle? Make sure you read the Do's and Dont's of Solid Food first!

  • Photo by Laurel Fan (CC Licensed)

    Avocado slices


  • Photo by R.B. Boyer (CC Licensed)

    Cooked peas


  • Photo by Harmon (CC Licensed)

    Small, peeled peach chunks


  • Photo by Kok Robin (CC Licensed)

    Shredded cooked chicken


  • Photo by Jaci Berkopec (CC Licensed)



  • Photo by Frank Wouters (CC Licensed)

    Cooked lentils



    Macaroni or other cut-up cooked pasta


  • Photo by Mike Martin Wong (CC Licensed)

    Cooked carrot slices

  • .

    Small tofu cubes


  • Photo by Stu Spivack (CC Licensed)

    Soft tortilla pieces


  • Photo by Andy Melton (CC Licensed)

    Cheese slices

  • Photo by Stu Spivack (CC Licensed)

    Small bites of low-mercury fish, like tilapia