From Breast to Bottle

by Julie Tilsner

From Breast to Bottle

When Solomon Greenberg was 2 months old, his mom, Jennifer, of Portland, OR, wanted to introduce him to a bottle. She was launching a business and needed to be away during the day. But Solomon, like many babies, wanted no part of it. It was her husband who finally won the little guy over: He offered Solomon the bottle while distracting him with a mobile, and the baby finally decided the bottle was an okay alternative to Mommy.
There are lots of reasons for moms to introduce bottles: so Dad can have his turn at the midnight feedings; so Mom can get away for a much-deserved break or start the
transition from breastfeeding. Some babies have no problem, but if yours turns up his nose, be patient and experiment. Some tricks to try:

Have somebody else give him the bottle. Babies recognize their mother’s scent, so hand over the bottle and leave the room.

Try different bottles and nipples. Babies have preferences, too, you know.

Give him the slip. Start your baby on your breast, then change to a bottle during a lull.

Get moving. Bounce with your baby on a large exercise ball or rock in a chair. The movement can calm and distract him enough to give the bottle a try.