Babyproof Your Bathroom

by Christina Vercelletto

Babyproof Your Bathroom

Keep your little one safe with these childproofing tips

You know to cover the electrical outlets, but other hazards in your bathroom are less obvious. Here’s how to recognize the trouble spots and make them safe for your little daredevil.

Add a childproof cover, one that only adults have the strength and coordination to easily open, so your child can’t get in without you. KidCo makes ones for round knobs and lever-style handles; $7 for a two-pack doorknob lock, $9 for one door-lever lock; Put one on the inside, too — multiple Babytalk staffers have been locked out by their toddlers!

The potty poses a drowning hazard. Install a toilet lock that resets itself as the seat is being lowered. KidCo’s model works on both hard seats and padded/covered seats; $17,

Bathroom Mat
Buy a skid-proof one to prevent slips and falls.

Line the bottom with a slip-resistant mat so no one takes a tumble.

Tub Spout
Set the water heater in your house to 120 degree Farenheit — warm enough for showers and baths, but not scalding. If you live in an apartment or don’t have a separate water heater, buy an anti-scald device (available at hardware stores). It stops the flow if the water gets too hot. And attach a soft cover to the spout, like Munchkin’s adorable Bubble Ducky Spout Guard, to prevent bumped noggins; $8, at Target stores.

Medicine and Toiletries
Keep them in a high, locked cabinet, not out around the sink or underneath it.

Garbage Pail
Do without one, if you’re able, since they’re so accessible — and tempting. If you must have a trash can, be super-vigilant about what you toss in it. Anything that’s sharp (like razors), poisonous (like expired medication), or a choking hazard (like Q-tips), has to be thrown out in a can that’s inside a locked cabinet or has a childproof lid.