Getting a Grip on Your Newborn

by Anita Sethi, Ph.d.

Getting a Grip on Your Newborn

Don’t worry  — she won’t break. Once you relax, you’ll discover lots of ways to hold her comfortably and confidently. Here’s a quick primer:

Coo softly. Let her hear your voice, then place a gentle hand on her so she can adjust to your touch.

Pick her up slowly. A sudden liftoff isn’t fun for her at this age. Give her a nice, snug hold, with her arms and legs tucked in toward you.

Try swaddling. She’ll like the snuggly feeling.

Even with tough transfers into bathtubs and car seats, just remember not to rush, and to provide head and neck support. Before you know it, you’ll both be ready to experiment with new holds!

Ways to hold your main squeeze:

Classic cradle Let her rest on your forearm.

Shoulder snuggle Cup the back of her head.

Upside-down cradle Nestle her in the crook of your arm with her belly down. Pressure on her stomach can help ease tummy troubles.