Hearing Impairment Screening for Babies

by Stephanie Wood

Hearing Impairment Screening for Babies

Thanks to cochlear implants, many children born with significant hearing impairments can learn to hear and speak as well as their peers, but the key is early intervention. Newborns in 45 states are offered hearing screenings before they leave the hospital. Check with your pediatrician to see if your baby was screened; if not, ask to have it done within the first month of life. Then, watch for these signs that your baby’s hearing is developing normally during the first year:

Birth to 3 months:

  • Your baby’s eyes move in the direction of loud sounds.
  • He’s awakened by loud sounds.

3 to 6 months:

  • He reacts to your voice.
  • He has begun to repeat sounds.

6 to 10 months:

  • He looks when his name is called.
  • He understands common phrases like “bye-bye.”

10 to 15 months:

  • He puts sounds together that resemble words.