How to Hold a Baby

by Karen Miles

How to Hold a Baby

Of the many ways to cradle your babe, the best one depends on both your moods. A few to try:

Rock-a-bye baby
Hold your baby in the crook of either arm, slightly inclined. Steady him with the lower part of your arm and your hand. Use your free arm to give him a bit of extra support where needed. This snug and secure hold allows an infant to curl up in a comforting fetal position.

Colic cinch
Lie your baby facedown along your forearm, the side of his head in your hand, his arms (and legs) straddling your arm like an airplane. Put your other hand on his back. You can also try moving your arm up and down to give him a tummy massage.

Hello, world
Support your baby’s back against your chest by placing one arm under his bottom and the other across his chest. This hold is good for babies who like to see what’s going on around them.

Astronaut position
Sit down with your knees propped up and lay your baby faceup, his head resting against your knees and his feet nestled on your tummy. Holding your baby this way gives you maximum interaction  — as well as some arm relief!