Introducing Your Baby to New Flavors

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Introducing Your Baby to New Flavors

3 mom-tested strategies to please your picky eater

Everyone wants to raise a good eater. Here, three strategies moms are trying to get their babies beyond bananas and plain pasta.


This is exactly what it sounds like: From first solids to about age 3, start meals with the food you most want your child to eat (meat, veggies) and don’t show her the next until she’s finished. The idea? If she’s hungry, she’ll eat–and learn to like–what’s in front of her.


It can take as many as ten tries for a child to accept a new flavor, says Jennifer Shu, M.D., coauthor of Food Fights. Try preparing foods different ways (boiled, roasted, raw) and make sure she sees you eating ’em, too.

Baby-led weaning: 

Instead of starting solids with spoon-feeding, proponents hand kids small pieces of soft, age-appropriate foods. She’ll decide what, when, and how much to eat. (While this technique is currently trendy, Dr. Shu has her doubts: “Six months is really early to expect a child to be self-guided on anything,” she says, also pointing out the motor skills to handle food might be lacking.)