Supermodel and Mom-To-Be Joanna Krupa Talks Pregnancy and Shares Her Baby Must-Haves

by Samantha McIntyre

Supermodel and Mom-To-Be Joanna Krupa Talks Pregnancy and Shares Her Baby Must-Haves
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When it comes to looking like a model mom, Joanna Krupa already fits the bill perfectly! The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing with the Stars alum is eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby girl with husband Douglas Nunes in November. In the meantime, Krupa took the time to speak with parenting exclusively about her pregnancy and a few of her favorite things. The Poland’s Next Top Model judge also shares her top baby registry picks that expectant moms should consider adding to their essential must-have shopping list. Check out Krupa’s favorite pregnancy products, and the pieces she is eager to add to her baby’s nursery.


Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first baby! How has your pregnancy been so far?

I will say that I’ve been blessed throughout this pregnancy. The last two weeks have been a little bit harder to plan anything, plus there’s the water retention where your eyes are puffy, and you feel heavy but I’m pretty lucky compared to some women who are nauseous for nine months, or they have aches and pains everywhere, so I’m not going to complain. I’m so glad that I got my dream maternity photoshoot out of the way. Otherwise, I would not be all for it right now if I had to do a shoot. It would be more like, ‘maybe after the baby?’ 


I remember thinking this pregnancy is so easy, it’s amazing! The hardest thing is that I’m just tired right now, so it’s hard for me to focus. I try to do one thing, and then I start doing something else. I can’t just focus and do one thing at a time. I never thought that the pregnancy brain existed, but I do now although my husband doesn’t believe it. He thinks that I’m making excuses for forgetting something he told me. And I’m like, ‘what?’


What has been the best part of preparing for your baby?

Honestly, from the beginning, I was so busy working and just traveling and doing my thing. Now in the last trimester is where I’ve started planning. We’ve got the nursery furniture set up, and it’s just fun right now going shopping for the little outfits. Everything is just so cute!  I was organizing her drawers the other day with the tiny socks and the little booties. It’s all so precious! That’s like the most exciting part of seeing that this is so close to becoming a reality. Nine months is not a short period of time, and while you feel the baby, it’s not until you see that the room is coming together that you get excited. For the first few months, you know you’re pregnant but you still have a life to live, and you have to work and you’ve got to do your thing so for me it wasn’t until the last month when I  started getting stuff together and meeting with night nurses and doulas to help me that I really started preparing. 


Have you finished your baby nursery? What are some of your favorite pieces?

We’re still putting it together. We’ve got the furniture from évolur, and it’s just a really nice, white crib and changing table. We’re keeping it very “princessy” since we’re having a little girl, but we’re not going over the top where it’s crazy. We’re still waiting for the accessories to come in, so it’s not entirely ready just yet, but there are a lot of stuffed animals we’ve received from friends and the little blankets that we have. Eventually, I want to get some picture frames and maybe add some of my maternity photos so she one day when she gets a little bigger, she can see that she was her in her momma’s belly. It’s all still a work in progress. I know I don’t have that much time left, but I’ve had meetings with night nurse and doulas, and they’ve said, ‘trust me, you’re going to think you need all of this stuff and you’re going to overbuy, but really you don’t need it.’ There are some things I need, but I’ve been told not to go crazy buying everything because as soon as the baby comes, I’ll realize that I don’t need it. I’m just trying to keep it a little balanced and not go crazy. 


What’s been your pregnancy beauty routine to maintain your gorgeous glow? Can you share some of your favorite products?

I’ve been using Dr. Eckstein’s collagen cream for many years. Since high school, I always knew the number one thing is to keep your skin moisturized to prevent aging. I also think the biggest secret is a self-tanner because I loved going to the beach when I was a little bit younger, but you can see that the sun does damage to the skin, so over the years, I decided I would rather be white as Casper the Ghost and use a safe self-tanner. When I need to look cute, I just put a little self-tanner on, and I’m ready to go. Because of the pregnancy, I try to stick with organic products. There is a company called Vita Liberata that has an Invisi Foaming Self Tan Water, which is non-toxic and organic. 


I also think it’s preventative to moisturize your skin, and drinking a lot of water is essential.  I will say that the one positive thing about being pregnant is that I take good care in drinking a lot of water. Previously, I’ve been bad, but now I’m better about drinking a lot of water, and I think even after the pregnancy, I will maintain that as well. That was a very positive part of my pregnancy. 


Another product that I recommend that helped a lot with nipple soreness is the Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream. I suffered for two months with nipple pain before my girlfriend said, ‘Oh my God! There is an amazing product, and it works.’ She saved my life!


I know that stretch marks are genetic but still try to prevent them when I can by putting oils on my belly and my breasts like twice or three times a day. I also use petroleum jelly at nighttime. I’ve sworn by this product my whole life! I’ve been putting it under my eyes, and I feel like that helps to prevent wrinkles. First, I apply moisturizer, and then I add petroleum jelly. I swear by this routine! My aunt who died not too long ago was in her seventies and she was wrinkle-free, and that’s all she used her whole life. So some people might think I’m crazy, but  I do want to share with those who are open to it, I do swear by it!


When it comes to fashion, do you have any favorite maternity clothing picks?

Aside from having to get maternity jeans and leggings, because my belly is bigger, I’ve been able to fit into most of my regular clothes, like the stretchy dresses that I’ve still been wearing. Recently since my body is so much bigger, I did find a website called Pink Blush that has super, super cute, and affordable maternity clothes. The dress I am wearing to my baby shower is from there. It’s just super comfortable, and the fabric is stretchy. It’s very pretty too! I’ve been ordering a lot of stuff from there. 


What have been your pregnancy must-haves to remain comfortable?

My everyday go-to is definitely the Tori Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat. I’ve literally abused them! When I go to dinner or a meeting, I also wear my Jimmy Choo wedges that I love. When I was filming for Top Model in Poland, I had my flats in between filming, but I also wore high heels that looked cute with my outfit


What are some of your top registry picks for the baby? 

I created a great list of baby shower registry gifts, and we have received a lot of presents so far. I got the Orbit Baby top-of-the-line stroller, bassinet and car seat. We also got a bunch of stuff from Fisher-Price. There have been gifts from a lot of generous companies, and many friends who have purchased several things. It looks like this little one is already all set!


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