Moving to the Big Tub

by Brittni Greene

Moving to the Big Tub

Around 7 months, when your baby can sit up on his own, he’ll be ready for a dip in the family tub. When it’s time:

Prepare the bathtub
* Put a nonskid bath mat in the tub to help prevent slips.
* Test the water with your wrist to be sure it’s not too warm.
* Set your baby at the end of the tub opposite the faucet to keep him from bumping his head against it.
* Turn the cold water on first and off last to prevent scalds from a dripping faucet.

Get him in
* Place your baby’s tub in the larger one to help him feel more familiar and cozy.
* Run water into the tub before putting him in so the sound doesn’t frighten him.
* Fill to only a few inches — just enough to get your child clean and let him splash around. Add more as he gets used to the water. Pull the plug after he’s out of the bathroom so he doesn’t think he’ll get swallowed up by that gurgling drain.
* Remember, never leave your baby alone in the bath!

Show him a good time
* Sing the names of his body parts as you buff them clean, give him a washcloth so he can bathe his ducky, or help him fill a plastic cup with water, then “rinse off” under a waterfall.
* If he wants out, let him play in the tub without water so he can get used to it. In no time, he’ll be having big-time big-tub fun.