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"My Baby Won't Sit Still!"

You've babyproofed your home and have more than enough toys. But nothing seems to keep your seemingly hyperactive baby's interest for long, and he's always trying to explore where he shouldn't. Is it a short attention span or an unbridled enthusiasm to learn?

The verdict: At this age, most babies do not attend to anything for more than a few minutes. However, this will change as his ability to concentrate increases over the coming months. In the meantime, here's how to deal with your eager beaver on the run (or crawl):

Mix it up. When he loses interest in a toy or object, show him another way to play with it. If he enjoys rolling a ball, for example, show him how to bounce it.

Play games. Engage him in a game of peekaboo or "this little piggy." He'll enjoy interacting with you.

Satisfy his curiosity. So he wants to make a mess? Let him. Indulge his love of the forbidden and make a sweetie-pie sundae  -- plop him in the tub with some pudding or whipped cream, and let him play while you observe and catch up with friends on your cell phone.

Rotate toys. Take some playthings out of circulation each week and substitute them with other ones. Vary the location of toys periodically; keeping toy cars near the dining table might result in new games.

Read. Put your library card to good use and get new books out often. Gazing at pictures increases attention span better than watching flashing images on TV.