New-Baby Surprises

by Jill S. Browning

New-Baby Surprises

Three newborn body quirks explained

You knew she’d be wrinkly when she was born, but did you know she could arrive with boobs? Three quirks explained:

The surprise: Breast buds on girls or boys; they might even secrete milk

The cause: Your hormones, which pass through the placenta. A big dose can trigger breast growth.

When it’ll go away: In a week or two, after the hormones in your baby’s body taper off

The surprise: White or yellow spots on the roof of the mouth, called Epstein pearls

The cause: Skin cells trapped where the two halves of the mouth palate fused together

When it’ll go away: In a week or two — the friction of sucking while eating will wear them down

The surprise: Bloodshot eyes and bruises on the head

The cause: Pressure on the head during delivery

When it’ll go away: Within a week, just like any other broken capillary or bruise