8 Ugly but Temporary Newborn Conditions

by The Editors Of Parenting Magazine

8 Ugly but Temporary Newborn Conditions

A baby being born is a sight to behold, but in truth, infants are anything but cute in the very beginning. Many come out with cone-shaped heads, pimples, and rashes. Some common, but temporary, conditions, and what causes them:

LANUGO This fine body hair covers a fetus and is shed just before birth. But preemies are often born with it, and the hair disappears in one to two weeks.

VERNIX A thick, cheesy material that protects babies’ skin from water damage in the womb, it comes off with a newborn’s delivery-room bath.

MECONIUM A sticky, dark green or black substance that’s released from the baby’s bowels during labor.

MILIA Pearly white or yellow pimplelike spots on the face, these pustules disappear within a few weeks.

ERYTHEMA TOXICUM A whole-body rash resembling little pimples with red rims; it clears up in a few days.

CYANOSIS This common condition, a bluish tinge of the hands, feet, and lips, is caused by slow blood circulation and is gone in less than a day or two.

CEPHALHEMATOMA A benign, moving mass on one side of the head due to bleeding under the scalp, it’s caused by pressure on the baby’s head during delivery and disappears within a few weeks.

CAPUT SUCCEDANEUM Also known as a cone-shaped head, this molding occurs in the labor canal during a long, difficult birth and corrects itself in a matter of weeks.