Best Baby Monitors for the Nursery

by Samantha McIntyre

Best Baby Monitors for the Nursery
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Gone are the days of old-fashioned staticky, walkie-talkie-style audio monitors with very few bells and whistles! Thanks to the latest innovations in technology, monitors have come a long way, baby, with advanced features that allow mom and dad to see, hear and even speak to their babe via high-tech electronic devices. In fact, there are currently monitors on the market credited with saving lives. Baby monitors have moved beyond just keeping tabs on your kid in the crib.



Best Baby Monitors For The Nursery:



Current models track motion, sound, room temperature, sleep patterns and breathing. But with so many options available, how should you choose the best model for your home and how reliable are the brands on the market? While many pediatricians warn against the use of wearable monitors due to faulty readings, there are still many brands that claim to have high accuracy and effective rates.

Robert Hamilton, MD, a pediatrician at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA and author of 7 Secrets of the Newborn cautions parents of healthy babies that wearable baby monitors may not be a necessity. “For normal, healthy children who do not have any pulmonary or cardiac problems in the past, there is virtually no reason to wire them up.  Never forget too that the doodads that we put great confidence in often give false or inaccurate information,” he adds. “False alarms in the middle of the night, when the monitor falls off, are hugely unnerving to new moms and dads who need to sleep.”

We’ve rounded up the best electronic monitoring devices based on technical features and buyers reviews to determine which models are worth the investment and will truly ease the stress of nervous new parents. Check out these top picks from Amazon to keep an eagle eye on your bundle of joy.

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Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor


Voted The Best Baby Monitor of 2018, the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor is the best bet if you're looking for a mountable monitor that sends live-stream footage of your baby directly to your smartphone, tracks room temperature and sleep patterns of your baby. Motion sensors detect when baby is stirring and provide a full view of your babe in the crib. Two-way audio provides clear sound allowing parents to communicate with their little one to lull them back to sleep. The perfect tool to help mom and dad rest a little easier.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We have a one month old baby and the Nanit is worth the money for peace of mind and sleep coaching for us all. I can keep an eye on our newborn from anywhere and I get out of bed at night less since I can check on her from my phone to see if she needs something or is just settling. The nanit has been one of the most beneficial baby tools we have, I highly suggest it to new parents!

Our baby is four months old, and we have used this since about two months. Excellent for when you go back to work, as the picture quality during the day is really great. The nighttime vision is a little grainy, but it’s still really useful and very obvious when he is awake or asleep. I would say that the vast majority of activity is picked up by the camera, I really can’t think of any time where it’s missed something. And the sound quality is excellent. It has been helpful to be able to use the microphone as well.

After looking at hundreds of cameras, I came to the conclusion that Nanit fit all our needs and looked to be the most reliable. So far. so good. Set up was easy and it works flawlessly.

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Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 Baby Monitor


Ideal for large space, the Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 Baby Monitor has an indoor range of over 1,000 feet with a high-quality sound system to pick up even the slightest noises with a detector to let you know if the monitor is out of range. This model also tracks the temperature in the baby's nursery to alert parents of climate changes and features a night light and soothing lullabies to calm your little one. A talkback feature allows baby to hear your voice through the monitor. The cordless unit can stream for up to 18 hours without a charge to keep mom and dad connected.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We like this baby monitor a lot. It's cute, it's easy to use and the battery holds up well. I personally love the temperature display and the mute & vibrate feature (watching a movie has never been more "relaxing").I did a lot of research and chose this item especially since it has a configurable threshold for baby noises. So it'll remain silent most of the time and only if the baby cries (or a loud car drives by) it turns on the speaker. So you don't have to live with constant white noise (leave that to the baby). We found it a bit tricky to find the right threshold setting, since we live in an apartment with horrible sound insulation from the street and if the setting it too high, louder cars will turn the speaker on or when the heat comes on. But that aside, we haven't missed a cry.

We've had this Philips Avent baby monitor for close to three years now, and I can say nothing but good things about it! It's reliable, durable, has some awesome features, and looks cute. I know it's a tough decision to pay this much money for a baby monitor when there are way cheaper options out there, but honestly - this monitor is worth every penny!

This has really helped us at night to transition our little one to her own room. I like how the sound isn't always on. It only alerts me when she makes a loud noise. It also lights up and isn't too loud at night. The range is also far. I haven't tested is limits yet but I know I can be in the very back yard and still hear her if she wakes up.

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Lollipop Smart Baby Camera with True Crying Detection


What could be sweeter than this Wi-Fi-based Lollipop Baby Camera with True Crying Detection? Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can keep watch over their baby thanks to this sophisticated system which features tranquilizing white noise in a built-in sound machine as well as a cry detector to alert mom and dad that baby is unsettled with an advanced sensor to check temperature settings. This sleek mobile device can be mounted anywhere thanks to a fab, flexible design that plays soothing lullabies and features a live audio and video feed for close contact. Available in three cool colors: Turquoise, pistachio and cotton candy.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The Lollipop has been a great addition to our nursery with putting us at ease with transitioning our baby to his crib. The audio monitor is a feature that stands out from other WiFi baby monitors, which allows us to hear what’s going on in the nursery without having to unlock our phone. Highly recommend this product!!

Setting-up and connecting were simple and straightforward. The picture quality is better than I expected. Being able to view from anywhere from my phone is nice, I like to check in on him when I'm at work. Features like white noise/music to help him sleep and being able to set it up like a baby monitor to alert you when there's noise in the room are really nice feature.

Got this in the mail today and set it up for nap and bedtime. It is SO clear! I couldn't believe it. The sound is great and the fact that I can leave the sound on while still navigating to other things on my phone is a giant plus. I can share the stream with his dad or with his grandma as well so it's nice for them. So far, this has blown my expectations out of the water.

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Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Complete Baby Monitor Solution


Fans of this Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Complete Baby Monitor Solution swear by the comfort and convenience of knowing that their baby is safe and sound during the day and through the night thanks to a streaming video and audio technology. This advanced baby monitor is designed to track and record your baby's movement, heart rate and oxygen levels directly to your smartphone. Mom and dad will breathe much easier thanks to this highly rated, technical tool, which also features a room temperate tracker and 130º Wide Angle Camera Lens. Smile, baby! You're on this candid camera.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great camera. Easy installation. My husband and I can both have access through the app. We have the smart sock along with the camera. AMAZING picture quality!!! Only wish I could record or take pictures with the camera...but that’s not a deal breaker.

Love Love Love the Owlet! Got this and the packaging was so organized and pretty, everything was easy to read, and put together which was nice for me doing it by myself. Loved getting this bundle with everything it came with so worth it & quality is top notch! Camera is great love seeing baby on my phone for easy access, owlet was easy to set up and I don’t think I can have another baby without it! Keeps me sane and comfortable knowing there is something else helping me watch my baby! Worth every penny!!!

Owlet is truly a godsend. It allows us to monitor our little one as if she were right beside us. It's actually much better because it alerts us to potential dangers we would never catch while asleep... Or likely even while we're awake. The camera's also been great to check the baby without ever leaving our own bed! Maybe we're just lazy parents, but we love Owlet and the peace of mind and extra sleep it brings to our lives. And, as every parent knows, peace of mind and SLEEP are priceless!

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


Mom and dad can take advantage of naptime to tackle a few chores without the worry thanks to this award-winning baby monitor. The top-selling Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens has almost 30,000 reviews on Amazon If that wasn’t enough, this wireless monitor also has a picture perfect quality video, customized lenses with a zoom and tilt feature that allows you to pan the room with a sound activated LED bar to alert parents that the baby is crying. This unit also has a playback feature and room temperature display making monitoring and multitasking much easier!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We got this baby monitor for our first child and we are so pleased! The video is very clear and we have had none of the problems that others have mentioned having with other brands of baby monitors. Would highly recommend!

Just received this product but it has been amazing so far!! Very easy setup and get started with it. Able to attach it to a wall very easily as well. Definitely recommend!

Great monitor. Has put my mind at ease with a new baby. Picture/sound quality are great! Have bought it for future moms as gift!

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Miku Smart Baby Monitor


This portable baby monitor packs a punch when it comes to high-tech features. The Miku Smart Baby Monitor not only streams crystal clear audio and video to your phone, it also records movement, tracks room temperature and humidity. The SensorFusion technology enables you to monitor your baby's breathing without wires or a wearable device. A two-way talk system lets you communicate with your little one or play lullabies from your phone. It’s a bit of a splurge but worth the investment for parents to put their minds at ease.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love the Miku. I’m a mom of three and with each of my children I wouldn’t sleep very well the first years of their life. I was always so worried about them. Constantly making sure they were breathing, but not anymore! Miku monitors your baby’s breathing without having to put anything on your baby. The app is very easy to use. It also detects the room temperature, humidity, sleep analytics. I’ve never seen such a high tech baby monitor! It was very simple to set up as well!I love the look of it, it looks perfect in my son’s room.

We absolutely love this monitor. From the initial set up to watching our baby sleep at a night and knowing that all her vitals are good. The set up was a breeze, everything needed was included in the box. We were up in running in minutes! The sound and video quality is amazing. The peace of mind this monitor provides is priceless. We highly recommend to every new parent.

Being able to monitor our baby from our phone and trust the technology used has been such a game changer for us! The product is so impressive and the quality of it is unmatched. We are loving our Miku!

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Cocoon Cam Plus


The Cocoon Cam Plus is an affordable alternative for parents looking for a monitor that tracks movement, sound and baby's breathing without the need for a wearable design. This model displays a real-time breathing wave over the video and delivers instant notifications to alert you when the baby is crying or starting to wake up. It features HD video and two-way audio for a clear connection.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I am in love with this monitor. This is the third monitor we’ve had. None have told or alerted us of baby’s sleep, waking up, breathing or heart rate. My daughter (14 months) recently had two seizures. It was horrifying. After that, I bought these. I needed reassurance that she was breathing so I could sleep. I was skeptical but this product has been on point and fantastic.

Love this. My husband and I can both check in with our phones, even when he is at work. You can tap your screen to show only the image of your baby, and tap back to show the movement detection/breathing rate. It works very well for us. Nice email from the company when I set it up, too.

I love this monitor! Everything about it is great. Even my husband will get notifications and can see him while he’s at work (he turned off the notifications but still has the option) we both have the app on our phones. The only downfall is it delays by like 5 seconds I’ll hear him cry then I’ll hear him cry on the monitor but it’s nothing serious still does everything I need it to do so I can get a good sleep.

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Nest Cam


The super sleek Nest Cam is designed for home security but can be used in any room of the house to track activity. Easy to install and set up in the nursery, the Nest cam sends a streaming video of baby's movement and activity sending alerts through the Nest App. A built-in speaker and microphone let you listen in and communicate. It can also be used as a nanny cam to keep tabs on your little one while you're out and about.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Camera is well made and picture is great. I also very much appreciate the magnetic stand feature, allows you to move the camera and hang it in various places. Set up was super easy, even if you have to use your computer to do the initial set up. The alerts are appropriate and easily configured and adjusted based on need.

Setup was painless, camera works as expected, very reliable and excellent picture color and quality.

So easy to use. I love being able to check on my house anytime I want. Camera picks up every movement or even change in lighting. Love the mic feature. I can hear everything and speak to whoever is home just by a push of the button in the app.

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Babysense Video Baby Monitor


When it comes to the best bang for your buck, the Babysense Video Baby Monitor can't be beat! Despite the wallet-friendly price tag, parents don't have to skimp on quality features. This compact unit has a high-quality LCD display, two-way talkback system, pre-programmed lullabies and infrared night vision with a range up to 900 feet. A perfect pick to add your baby registry!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Best baby purchase hands down. We now have a six-week-old, with a two-year-old we still want to keep an eye on, and don't want to have to choose a favorite kid. After looking everywhere and at everything, we bought this monitor solely based on the reviews. We bought two of these monitors almost a week ago, assuming we can sync the cameras to one handset and keep the extra unit as back up. We were right.

The monitor works well with a clear picture and has not failed in a year of use.

Love this camera, so far. Picture quality is great. Sound is also great.. I only use this at night and I think it's great quality for a low cost.

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iBaby Monitor M6S Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor


The iBaby Monitor M6S Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor looks a lot like a robot but this high-tech device is actually a super cam, which delivers 360-degree views with a 110-degree tilt feature. In addition to the high video quality, this awesome monitor plays thousands of lullabies and bedtime stories, snaps pictures and has recording capabilities. It also has sensors to track the temperature and humidity in the room with a two-way wireless talk system to let your little one know you're nearby.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We ordered this for our second baby since we loved the first one so much. This camera allows our families to check in and see the kids even though they live out of state. I can check in on my kids when I am out of town on a business trip and I am able to talk to them on it as well. You can play songs for them, talk to them, listen to them, take videos and pictures. It even tells you the temperature and how the air quality is in the room. If I’m making dinner in the kitchen I can watch and listen to my child playing in her room without worry. I recommend this monitor to all soon to be and new moms!

My husband and I LOVE this! The picture is really good. I can see our baby breathing, which is what I wanted. You can move the camera around from the app, play music, listen in, speak through the microphone, or even record. I’m extremely happy with our purchase.

My husband and I love this monitor. We have the app on both our phones and an old iPad we have. We keep the iPad at home for when the grandma's babysit and we can see it while at work. You do need WiFi for it to work so a couple of times out internet cut out we couldn't see, but that's rare. Has features to play music and white noise too.