Ouch! Fast Help for Nursing Pain

by The Editors Of Babytalk

Ouch! Fast Help for Nursing Pain

What’s best for baby may not feel the best for you. Some pain-free tips

Sure, breastfeeding is best for your baby, but if you’re in pain, it hardly feels best for you. Here, smart solutions for the most common culprits.

Hitch: Cracked or sore nipples

Fix: Try an off-center latch-on to allow your baby’s bottom jaw to cover more of your areola: Place her nose in front of your nipple, wait for her head to tilt back and her mouth to widen, then pull her straight on to the breast. To soothe soreness, apply a baby-safe lanolin balm. ??

Hitch: Mastitis  — an infection that makes your breasts tender and reddened, and gives you flu-like symptoms

Fix: If you think you have this condition, call your doctor (who may prescribe antibiotics), and continue to nurse frequently. ?

Hitch: A clogged milk duct, which forms a painful lump in your breast

Fix: Apply warm compresses, take a warm shower, and massage your breast while nursing. Call your doctor if the pain hasn’t resolved in a day, since blocked ducts can lead to infections. ??

Hitch: Thrush, a yeast infection that makes your nipples painful and pink, and can also give your baby white patches inside her mouth, or a diaper rash

Fix: Get in touch with your physician — she’ll probably prescribe the antifungal drug nystatin.