Safe at Home

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Safe at Home

Check out our picks for the latest and greatest in child proofing your home.

Scald stopper

Consider adding an anti-scald device to your tub’s faucet. H2otStop makes an easy-to-install (no plumbing or tile replacement necessary) faucet and shower head with an anti-scald mechanism that shuts off instantly if the temperature is too high. ($25-43; available at

Safer tubs and toys

Choose baby bathtubs and toys with built-in temperature gauges. Munchkin makes several with a White Hot disc on the bottom that tells you when the temperature is too high, including the Safety Baby Bath Cradle for use in infant tubs; the Inflatable Safety Duck Tub for use in full-size bath tubs; and the Super Safety Bath Ducky. ($9- $15;

Easier gate

Safety gates at the top of staircases can be tricky to install- and use, especially if you’ve got a basket of laundry under one arm. We like the Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stairs Metal Gate: it installs in 10 minutes, opens with one hand, and swings in both directions. ($60;

Portable protection

Childproofing is no less crucial at grandma’s?maybe more so. Kolcraft’s Go Anywhere Portable Safety Gate easily adjusts to fit different-width doorways, halls, and bottoms of staircases, yet it’s super easy to bring along. It twists and folds into its own carry bag. ($40;

Steady steps

Many strong-willed toddlers insist on walking up the stairs themselves, but can’t reach the railing to hold on. Sound familiar? Enter Kidco’s ingenious CareRail, a temporary railing you install under the existing one. Its smaller circumference, no-slip grip and lower height make going up to bed less stressful for both of you. ($90-$100;

Bump buster

Little explorers gravitate to the coffee table only to slip and bump their noggins on it. The Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper is a convenient alternative to traditional plastic versions that seem to be almost as hard as the table itself. Soft and stretchy, it slips over the entire edge of the table, not just the four corners. And if you have a round table, it’s the only game in town. ($25-$30;