Safer Baths

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Safer Baths

You probably know how to make bathtime lots of fun, but how about keeping the tub safe for your little splish-splasher? In a recent survey, only slightly more than a third (38%) of adults knew that the correct water temperature for an infant bath was roughly between 95 degrees farenheit and 100 degrees farenheit, (or one that feels lukewarm to the inside of your wrist or forearm), notes Meri-K Appy, president of the Home Safety Council, in Washington, D.C.

The smartest and easiest way to ensure the water temperature is just right is to keep your home’s water heater gauge set no higher than 120 degrees farenheit. Before you get your bambino wet, test the water by dipping the inside of your wrist or forearm into the tub. If the water feels too hot to these thin-skinned areas, it’s definitely too hot for your baby; lukewarm on your wrist is just about the perfect temp. Other baby bath safety tips:

Only fill the tub with an inch or so of water-that’s all a baby needs to get clean, have fun and stay safe.

Cover the tub spout with a cushioned guard so your tot’s head doesn’t collide with it.

Never leave your baby unattended for a second in the bath, even if you are using a tub seat  — it’s certainly helpful in keeping that wriggly, wet body in one spot, but it’s not a safety device and won’t protect your child from drowning. Stay within arm’s reach, and don’t use the phone or do anything else distracting while your child is in the water.