5 Ways to Maintain Baby’s Sleep Schedule While Traveling

by Sprout Organic Food

5 Ways to Maintain Baby’s Sleep Schedule While Traveling

If baby’s not happy, nobody’s happy. Use these tips to keep your little one rested and in a good mood on your next trip.

Traveling with your baby or young child can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping his or her naptime and bedtime routines. Getting good rest is the key to keeping your little one in a good mood when you are away from home, so keep these five tips in mind if you are thinking about traveling in the near future:

  1. Keep baby feeling safe and secure by following the same naptime and bedtime routine that you do at home. Bring along her favorite books, toys and blankets, especially those that she associates with napping and bedtime.
  2. When possible, try to include lots of outdoor activities during the day, but stay close to home (that is, where you are staying) in the evening to help your baby wind down and fall asleep for the night.
  3. Buy a good travel crib. Investing in a sturdy travel crib that offers good support and a comfortable mattress will pay off in better rest for baby—and for you.
  4. Bring along a source of soothing background noise for baby’s room: baby’s nighttime CDs, a sleep sounds app for your mobile device or sound machine.
  5. Plan your daily activities around your baby’s nap schedule. If possible, let him sleep at least once per day in the travel crib or bed where he will be sleeping at night.

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