Caught Cribless

by Gabrielle Studenmund

Caught Cribless

You know that placing Baby to sleep on her back in a crib is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of SIDS. But what happens when you’re caught without one? Follow our list of dos and don’ts so you  — and Baby  — can rest assured.


  • Use a car seat, infant carrier, or stroller.

  • Call your hotel in advance and ask for a crib.

  • Pack a firm, thin pad (like a bassinet liner) to place on the floor.

  • Consider buying a portable crib, playpen, or bassinet.


  • Use plump pillows, thick blankets, or comforters to create a makeshift bed.

  • Lay her on a couch where she can get trapped between the cushions.

  • Put Baby down in an adult bed with other infants or children.

  • Sleep with Baby in your bed if you’ve had alcohol or anything that could make you less alert.