Best Car Seat Toys

by Hilary Braaksma

Best Car Seat Toys
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Car seat toys are a great way to keep babies busy while they’re strapped safely in a vehicle. They entertain your little one, make car rides more enjoyable for your tiny traveler and keep adults from enduring the screams of a bored baby. Here are some fun car seat toys from Amazon, Walmart and more!















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Best Overall Car Seat Toy

Baby Einstein Travel-Pillar Discovery Bar Toy


If you want a little bit of everything with your car seat toy, this option from Baby Einstein will provide hours of entertainment while out and about. This travel toy plays 8 baby-friendly melodies, has a rattle, clacking keys and propeller toy, and is made of soft, durable fabric.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 6 month old son loves this for long car rides. It’s very entertaining for him and he is not a fan of sitting still.

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Best Wrap Car Seat Toy

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy


This spiral wrap-around car seat toy can attach to car seats, strollers, cribs and more for baby to have tons of fun. There are four hanging toys including a mirror, chewable toys and lots of engaging colors for baby to look at and enjoy.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My little one loves looking up and reaching at this toy.

Love this stroller toy for the car! I was looking for one where it's safe to use in the car and this one was perfect as it doesn't have the hard rubber teethers that could smack the baby if it swung.

This is the best toy ever! I bought a pink and blue one for my twins when they were born. It took a while for them to start looking and playing with them, but once they started, they loved them.

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Best Musical Car Seat Toy

Infantino Go Gaga! Musical Travel Bar Activity Toy


Babies who love sounds will get a kick out of pushing on the plush owl’s tummy and listening to music play. Little ones will also get tons of enjoyment out of the rattles, sensory fabric textures, rainbow ribbons and mirror attached to this car seat toy for babies.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Love this toy so much I bought two!

Great looking and functional!

Cute little toy that attaches to the handle/bar of the car seat. My niece who is 7 months old enjoys it (as is expected).

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Best Chewable Car Seat Toy

Chewbeads Gramercy Car Seat and Stroller Toy


Little ones love to chew on whatever they get their hands on, so make sure your car seat toy is teething friendly like this silicone Chewbeads toy. The medical-grade silicone material is safe and soft for babies to chew on, and the plastic C-ring attachment secures the toy to car seats, strollers and other travel items.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My baby loves this. I am pretty sure that this is her favorite teether.

My 6 month old LOVES this! Its soft enough for her to chew on and it's very easy for her to hold. I love that has a hook as well so it can put it on her carseat!

My teething 7 month old adores this ring. The color I chose is so pretty too!

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Best Rattle Car Seat Toy

Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy


You’ll love the sweet sound of your baby having lots of fun rattling this cute avocado-shaped car seat toy from the backseat. Plush cotton avocado-halves have engaging rattles in the center and hang from colorful ribbon securely attached to a ring that can hang from a car seat handle, attach to a strap or stroller bar.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 10 month old loves this toy, it keeps her from crying in the car seat.

Super cute. I actually hung it on my baby’s car seat. It doesn’t hit his face but he can still hit it with his hand.

The colors grab your attention and the material is plush for those sweet baby faces in your life. I would definitely recommend getting this toy.

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Best Sensory Toy for Car Seats

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy


Teethers, textures, patterns and sounds—oh my! This precious Bandana Buddies car seat toy has so many elements to keep your little one entertained and happy on long drives. Soft plush parts, crinkling toys and teething-friendly accessories make for one super-sensory travel toy.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The different sounds and textures make it so that the elephant is really engaging, and my son likes to explore the toy on his own.

This is by far one of the best toys for your child! It hangs from a car seat or stroller, which is great because your little one can entertain himself/herself!

I bought this for my daughter when she was a couple of months old. It's great at keeping her distracted as there are so many different parts to it.

Image Credits: Walmart

Best Multi-Use Car Seat Toy

Playgro Blossom the Butterfly Activity To


Smaller car seat toys with an attachment like this Butterfly activity toy are great for using on car seats, strollers or just tossing in a toy box with the rest of your kiddos favorite toys. Attached teething toys and sensory fabric wings will keep kiddos entertained in the car, on a ride in the stroller or just playing in their room.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
A lot of different materials, colors and a mirror to stimulate baby. We hang it from stroller sometimes or even her car seat. Even has a blast with it on her lap and on the floor.

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Best Wooden Car Seat Toy

Pram Garland Toy Natural Wood


This cute and trendy car seat toy is made of natural wood and food-grade silicone for a natural-looking and safe-to-chew-on option for baby car seat toys. Wooden rings on the end attach to car seat handles and the handmade toy has eye-catching pieces that dangle for baby to touch, grab or chew on.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great quality, great price, new mom loved it.

Amazing quality. Very pleased with our purchase. Would buy again!

Well made, good sized, and adorable!

Image Credits: Target

Best Vibrating Car Seat Toy

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Jitter Activity Toy


Cloudy days can be fun when your baby gets to play with this sweet cloud-shaped activity toy from Skip Hop. The soft, plush cloud toy has smaller squeak, crinkle toys and a teether attached with bright ribbons to keep your little one distracted and engaged.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is super cute, has decent size (not too small, not too big), and it is easy to clip on the stroller or car seat for on the go fun. The shaking is gentle and fun.

We got this when my son was born as a gift! He is 6 months old and still enjoys pulling on the toy!

My 4 month old loves this! It keeps him preoccupied while in his car seat and helps build small motor skills.

Image Credits: Buy Buy Baby

Best Plush Car Seat Toy

Manhattan Toy Playtime Plush Bear Activity Spiral


This cozy, plush coil toy comes with a soft, fabric-wrapped coil cover, a soft plush bear to encourage tactical skills, textured teething toys to easy sore gums and a child-friendly mirror with soft fabric petals surrounding it. This activity is great for strollers, car seats, cribs and more!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 16 month old will still sometimes play with this! It was great on her infant car seat and now she will wrap it around other things in the house. She still likes to look in the mirror and chew the ring.