Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Bottle-feeding – How to Feed Your Baby

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Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Bottle-feeding – How to Feed Your Baby

This short video shows the best way to give your baby his bottle


Bottlefed newborns typically eat every three hours at first, with smaller babies sometimes wanting to eat every two hours and larger babies sometimes going four. When giving your baby his bottle, hold the bottle at a slight angle or use one with an angled design, sot hat the nipple stays full of formula to prevent him from swallowing too much air. A newborn can consume anywhere from half an ounce to two ounces a feeding. While it’s tempting to look at those ounce markers and try to coax her to finish four instead of three, your baby knows what she needs to fill her little tummy. If you force it, he’s probably just going to spit it up on you anyway!

It’s a good idea to sterilze bottles, nipples and rings when using them for the first time, but repeat sterilization is not necessary. Washing bottles in a dishwasher or hot soapy water does the job just as well. Finally, if you’re planning on bottle-feeding, keep in mind that there are a lot of different nipples, formulas and bottles on the market.

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