Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Breastfeeding – How to Latch On

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Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Breastfeeding – How to Latch On

This short video on breastfeeding has great tips on how to teach your baby to latch on


So if you want to breastfeed…Good for you. A good latch is key to successful breastfeeding. To get started, tickle the area between your baby’s nose and upper lip with your finger, which will stimulate his rooting reflex and cause him to open his mouth very wide. When your baby is latched on correctly, she’s not only sucking on the nipple, but also putting significant pressure on all those tiny dots that circle your areola. You should feel your baby’s jaw sucking and compressing almost this whole area.

If your baby has a bad latch, remove him by inserting your pinkie into his mouth to break the suction, then try again. Remember, don’t get discouraged if breastfeeding proves challenging — you and your baby both have to learn the proper techniques for successful breastfeeding. If you need help, you can find a lactation consultant in your area or check online.

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