Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Helping Baby Be a Good Sleeper

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Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Helping Baby Be a Good Sleeper

This short video provides great tips on how to create a good sleep routine for your newborn

Sleep time. Figuring out how to get your baby to fall asleep at the right time and in the right place will take you a good part of the first year of his life. It’s at 6 weeks to 3 months that you can start to create a routine to wind down your baby at night. To wind down your baby, try a slow, gentle massage. Add a little lavender-scented baby wash to the nighttime bath. When you’re ready to put your baby in the crib, dim the nursery lights, and put on some soft music. Another strategy is to soothe your baby with some white noise like the hum of a fan or a tape of waves crashing or womb sounds.

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