Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Recovery for New Moms

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Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Recovery for New Moms

This short video tells you what you will experience after you give birth to your baby


How does a new mom recover post-partum? Well, rest assured that the hospital staff is there to take good care of you, as well as your newborn. There will be regular check of your temperature, blood pressure and uterine size. During the recovery time, you will experience bleeding that will last anywhere betwen 4 and 6 weeks. You can also expect moderate cramping, especially while nursing. You can ask your doctor about pain relievers, they’ll certainly make this brief phase more comfortable.

If you’ve had a Cesarean, you have a special set of needs. You will have to be careful lifting. Keep it just to the baby. Walking as often as possible will help relieve your gas pains, but limit going up and down stairs. Call your doctor if you experience: sudden heavy bleeding, passing a number of clots, temperature over 100.4°, nausea or vomiting, foul smell from discharge, significant depression, pain or redness around sutures, or painful swollen legs.

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