Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Swaddling

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Baby’s 1st Year Videos: Swaddling

How to properly swaddle a baby, why it works, and when to stop

Wrapping up your baby in a blanket to keep him feeling snug and secure is an old soothing trick. Studies have shown that swaddling babies actually help them sleep better and longer. Why is swaddling ok when blackets in the crib are not? The key is to use a lightweight blanket that wraps so snugly aroud the baby that it won’t come loose. For the record, the general wisdowm is that babies enjoy swaddling from their first newborn days to about three months. As sson as he gets big enough to wriggle out of the blanket, get it out of the crib. Here’s how to pull off the perfect “baby burrito” wrap:

Get a large blanket and lay it flat in a diamond shape. Position the baby on his back, hold the baby’s left arm down at his side, fold the blanket down and across his body, and tuck the end in tightly under his right lower back. Next, put his right arm to the side, fold the right side of the blanket over him, and tuck the edge of the blanket under him. Take the bottom of the blanket and fold it up under his right side. Then, take the left side of the blanket, fold it across your baby’s body and tuck it underneath him.

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