Winter Essentials for Newborn Babies

by Hilary Braaksma

Winter Essentials for Newborn Babies
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Adding a newborn to your family is an exciting time—but bringing your little bundle of joy home in the winter months can cause added stress and worry. If you’re looking for the absolute best products to keep your little one warm, safe and comfy during the cold winter months, check out this list of winter essentials.


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Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Baby Oil


Dry winter weather (even inside) can leave your tiny baby’s skin in need of a little extra TLC. This 100 percent natural oil gently moisturizes baby’s skin with ingredients like apricot and grapeseed oil. Add this hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested oil to your little one’s bath or apply directly to their skin after bathing.

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JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Bunting Bag for Car Seats and Strollers


Not only is strapping a baby bundled up in full winter gear hard to do, but it can also be dangerous. When infant car seat straps are loosened to accommodate bulky winter coats or bodysuits, your little one isn’t as secure as they should be. Keep them in their normal clothes for travel and use this awesome bunting bag for car seats and strollers instead. This lined car seat cover will keep them warm and toasty, and opens up for temperature control while you’re inside or in a warm car.

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NoseFrida Baby Nasal Aspirator


You may be used to more traditional bulb-shaped “snot suckers” for stuffy winter noses, but the NoseFrida has revolutionized the way parents keep their little ones breathing easy. The NoseFrida might seem a little gross—it requires parents to suck debris from baby’s nose using their mouths—but a hygienic filter stops anything but air from coming through and prevents the nasty, hidden build up of bulb suckers.

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Alepo Newborn Fleece-Lined Knit Cap


Keep your newborn cozy and warm in this adorable knit cap. This winter hat for babies has cute animal ear detailing, is designed with thick ear flaps to protect baby’s ears and has a warm fleece lining to keep the chill away. Choose from black, navy blue, blue, gray, white or pink.

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Tiny TOMS Toffee Microfiber Cuna Crib Shoes


These microfiber Tiny TOMS crib shoes are perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth to your baby’s precious little feet. The microfiber body and fleece lining make these crib shoes super warm, and the easy-attach strap keeps them from falling off when baby kicks and moves.

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Patagonia Infant Micro D Fleece Bunting


If you plan to be outside with your little one at all during the frigid winter months, a head-to-toe baby bunting bodysuit like this one from Patagonia is an absolute must-have. The layerable piece is made from warm, recycled polyester fleece and has a convenient full-length zipper for easy dressing and diaper changes. This winter essential comes in solid pink or blue, or two pretty patterned options.

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Infant Slipper Socks


These sherpa-lined slipper socks for infants are sure to keep your little one extra warm, whether you’re hanging out around the house or getting out to run errands or visit loved ones. These warm, stretchy socks come in a pack of three and are available in three color and pattern options.

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Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer


Changing a tiny newborn’s diaper in the middle of the night can already be enough to make them fussy, but adding a cold wet wipe surely doesn’t help. Make middle-of-the-night (or middle-of-the-day) diaper changes easier on both of you by storing your wipes in this low-voltage, energy-efficient wipe warmer.

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Nested Bean Sleep Sack Winter Weight


Blankets are a no-go for putting tiny babies to bed, even in the winter time. Since blankets can be a suffocation hazard, a great alternative is a zip-up sleeping bag for babies that they can’t get tangled up in. This Nested Bean Zen Sack is made with two 100 percent cotton layers with heavy lining between them to keep your little one warm.

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Cozy Fleece Micro Plush Crib Sheets


Another way to make your newborn’s bare crib feel cozy and warm without blankets is using these plush fleece crib sheets. These sheets fit standard crib mattresses and add extra comfort and warmth for your tiny baby. Each set comes with two crib sheets in a variety of solid colors and fun patterns.

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Boogie Mist Sterile Saline Nasal Spray


Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get dry, crusty boogers off of sensitive little baby faces. If your infant is stuffed up, struggling to breathe and tired of being wiped clean with tissues and wet wipes, this saline mist is a lifesaver. The gentle formula is safe for baby’s delicate nasal passage and moisturizes dry, irritated noses to help clean out sinuses.

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Hello Bello Hand Sanitizer Spray


Winter is the season when everyone seems to be sick, and it only makes sense that you want to protect your newborn as much as possible. Don’t be shy about setting boundaries with friends and family who may be sick and want to be near baby. It also helps to keep a hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved hand sanitizer like this Hello Bello spray on hand just in case.