8 Best Gifts Under $15

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8 Best Gifts Under $15
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Need a grab-bag toy or stocking stuffers? Check out these inexpensive standouts.


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A new twist on the paper airplane


This foam contraption can fly as far as 100 feet.

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Animal Attaches


This friendly-looking animal attaches to a car seat or stroller. It has textured, crinkly ears and makes a sweet chime noise when shaken.

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No Mess Paint Kit


Your prayers have been answered: a portable, no-mess paint kit. The penlike brushes work only on the special paper. Now she can paint whenever she wants.

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Clairvoyant Crustacean


This seemingly clairvoyant crustacean stops or changes direction when it senses an object in its path or when it "hears" a loud noise like clapping.

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Card Game


A matching card game with wacky barnyard combinations (half frog, half cow is only one)—just watch out for the "Tastes Like Chicken" card.

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Eco-friendly Box Set


What a deal: A 100-piece, classic, eco-friendly block set for just $10! And it also comes with a cotton bag to store 'em.

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Wheel of Tricks


It looks like just a tire, but this green plaything does more than roll. You can bounce it, bowl it, kick it, race it, and throw it. There's even a book of tricks inside.

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Multicolored Ring


This tangled, colorful toy may look like a mess, but it's sure to bring hours of entertainment to the littles in your life.