8 Cheap Birthday Gifts: Ages 6 and Up

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8 Cheap Birthday Gifts: Ages 6 and Up
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The coolest toys of 2009 — all $25 or less.


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Hyper Blast


For Ages: 6+ Kids stomp on Hyper Blast to send numbers flying, then race to retrieve the numbers as they're called out by a speaker. They can play alone, or compete with friends for the title of speediest math-whiz.

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Got It


For Ages: 5-8 The Got It monster will challenge your kid to come up with answers to math and reading questions fast. Kids can play with an opponent on the fun, Jeopardy-like joysticks, or with the funny looking creature themsleves.

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For ages: 6+ With 63 pieces, your child will be able to build 3 really cool models -- a jet, a speed boat and a space shuttle. It's the perfect little tag-a-long toy for the doctor's office or Grandma's.

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Spy Night Scope


For ages: 6+ These Spy Night Scope binoculars have a pop-up spotlight and red tints, so your child's spy games will seem totally authentic.

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For ages: 6+ Zartz are fun (and safe) to throw and stick to almost anything. (They self release in about twenty seconds.)

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30X Microscope


For ages: 6+ With a 30X microscope, UV light, fingerprint kit, and glow-in-the-dark powder, your child will actually be able to find out who stole the cookies from the cookie jar -- and have evidence to prove it.

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Secret Diary


For ages: 6+ Here's how she can keep her secret diary truly secret: anything placed between the pods that come with this toy will be protected by a field of invisible laser-like beams, Mission Impossible-style; an alarm will sound when it's disturbed.

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36 Cube


For ages: 8+ Spending more time at home these days? The 36 Cube is the perfect family game because it's easy enough for a kid to understand but challenging enough for an adult to enjoy too. Work together to build a rainbow-style cube, with only one color in each row. It may look simple, but think again -- there are only quadrillions of possibilities.