25 Best Gifts for 5-Year-Olds

by Melissa Willets

25 Best Gifts for 5-Year-Olds
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There’s so much to love about being 5! Many kids this age are kindergarten bound. They’re making friends and coming into their own. Five is about becoming more independent. Kids can get dressed on their own, get their own snack, and maybe even fix their own lunch, tie their shoes and ride a bike on their own. They pick out their own clothes, which often leads to some super interesting outfit combos. Five-year-olds also have strong preferences about what they want to eat and watch on TV. And they aren’t afraid to tell you so!


25 Best Gifts For 5-Year-Olds



Along with their newfound self-sufficiency comes better communication skills. They’re storytelling (it can go on and on and on), dream recounting (this goes on for longer), and sharing their thoughts and opinions about, well, everything. Kindergarten-age kids start to develop a true personality that is a joy to witness. They like and want to participate in new endeavors, from sports to scouts.



Five is also about collections. Lots of collections of little things. And losing those things. And looking for those things. Five means better rule following, too. But 5 is also about testing limits, like how far can they ride their scooter down the street until Mom or Dad comes screaming after them.



Kiddos at 5 have big imaginations and capacities to learn. They are starting to read, and can write and count with increasing skill each day. It’s an exciting time between little- and big-kid world, and there are so many fun and fascinating toys that will make this age even more magical. Read on to see what kids who are 5 are begging to play with, from tech toys to classic ones, and why they make some of the best gifts for 5-year-olds.



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Echo Dot Kids Edition


Amazon has come out with a kid-friendly Alexa that tells stories, plays parent-approved music and can help kids with simple tasks like getting up for school and reminding them to brush their teeth. The Kids Edition comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited content and is compatible with Echo devices.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I really love these. Easy to use and set up. Seriously am glad I purchased. I wondered If it was worth the extra money compared to the regular dot, it definitely is! I love the parent controls.

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Walkie Talkies


With a 3-mile range, these walkie talkies, which parents say have great sound quality, are a fun way for kids to communicate with their siblings or friends up the street. They come with 22 channels, are designed for a kid’s grip and include a built-in flashlight, which makes them great for fort play, as well as functional if the electricity goes out.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I have bought a lot of these over the years and these are by far the best. These work great, haven’t had any issues with them. Works great for the kids to play with!

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Crazy Forts


This 69-piece fort-building set is where imagination begins. Kids can construct an igloo, secret hiding spot, castle, tent or whatever their heart desires using the included sticks and balls. Just add a sheet or blanket!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is one of the coolest toys I have ever purchased for my kids. I've spent the last few days building, tearing down, and then rebuilding forts in various parts of my house with one very happy little boy. A very good purchase.

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Perler Bead Bucket


Kids make lasting crafts with 5,500 multicolor beads and three peg board designs. They’ill need an adult’s help to iron their creation, and watch with glee as it becomes a keepsake or gift. Awesome for a party, or a rainy day.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My kids love it these beads and the crafts they can make with them. The pegboards make it really easy for the kids to create lots of different patterns. It is great to buy them for my girls and watch them play.

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Razor Scooter


By age 5, kids have the balance needed to whiz around on a two-wheel Razor, and they are going to love doing so! So much that you may have a hard time convincing them to come inside again. Ever. Available in multiple colors from red to blue to pink.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughters love this scooter. Big enough for little feet and small enough to fold and put away. the handlebar size is adjustable. It’s easy to fold up for keeping at school, then ready for riding home. I’m very happy and so is my granddaughter.

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Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad in Pink


Light up your child’s art with this LED-lit tracing pad that includes tracing sheets of horses and fashion, as well as 12 colored pencils that help your child produce one-of-a-kind creations.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I could not have found a more perfect gift for her, and it has been in continuous use ever since she received it. This was one of my 5 year old daughter's favorite presents. This is an awesome purchase.

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Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad in Blue


Crayola’s LED-lit tracing pad in blue includes tracing sheets of sports and concerts, as well as 12 colored pencils and a lock-in paper screen, so no frustration. Perfect for travel or waiting at a restaurant or appointment.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is such a fun light table! This is a good item for encouraging a bit of creativity. My son spends hours drawing and absolutely loves this set.

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Crayola Scribble Scrubbie


Five-year-olds who receive this toy as a gift are going to go wild. Winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Toy of 2018 award, the Scribble Scrubbie lets them scribble all over four pets with a washable marker, then clean the pets off in a little tub with a scrubber. Hours of fun, guaranteed. Additional pet expansion packs sold separately.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Very cute toy and idea. This was such a fun gift for our 5 year old. This is absolutely adorable and worth the money.

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Puro Sound Labs On-Ear Headphones


These comfy, earmuff-style noise-canceling headphones are best sellers because they limit the volume at which kids can listen to their devices (to 85 db). Available in multiple colors, the wireless, Bluetooth-compatible design also means no tripping!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
If you can afford the extra $$$ without question buy these for your child. I own 4 pair of these headphones we've purchased for the kids and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair tomorrow. These are wonderful headphones.

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VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine


This is a party in a present. The microphone connects to an MP3 player so kids can listen to their favorite music, while a cool disco light effect and voice effects enhance the “performance.” They can even record themselves for up to 5 minutes!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
They love it and it’s a great introduction to live performance and using a mic. This toy is awesome! My 5 year old niece LOVED getting this for her birthday.

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Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection


Any budding reader will love receiving six hardcover Dr. Seuss books to jumpstart their at-home library. The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and more are perfect for bedtime, or any time, and will be a treasured gift for years to come.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Love this set! Great deal for this many books. I’m so excited to read these to my kids! The books are a great size too.

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CamelBak Eddy Kids Water Bottle


A kindergartner needs a reliable water bottle for school. This one is winning with parents and teachers because it’s durable and leak resistant. It’s also BPA-free and dishwasher safe, because otherwise, we just can’t. Comes in tons of fun designs kids will love.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a great, durable water bottle for kids. It's been dropped and tossed and had held up. I bought this a few weeks ago and my son is just in love with it. It's a durable water bottle for your little ones that has the CamelBak quality and style.

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Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box


Any little 5-year-old girl would love the gift of a jewelry box to store her treasures. This one features a delicate spinning ballerina and plays “Swan Lake.” It includes ample storage, even for sweet memories of the gift giver.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It isn't so delicate that I'm worried about it breaking right away. Very happy with this jewelry box. Not huge but nice size, crisp music tune, very pretty design.

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Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box


Your fave 5-year-old will be all set for school lunch with this five-compartment bento box that keeps snacks separate, super fresh and contained. The removable, non-toxic compartment tray is dishwasher safe, parents, and can even go in the microwave for reheating in case your little one was too busy chatting to chew their whole lunch. It’s available in multiple fun colors kids will love — just be sure to follow washing instructions to preserve the life of your Bentgo.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The latches are easy to open. I love the way how I can separate the portions without spilling into one another and just one piece to clean at the end of the day. AMAZING! Our kiddo loves it and it's easy for her to use.

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Scoot Hand Operated Drone


Charge up your hand drone, then throw it up in the air and watch it hover. It senses objects in its way using infrared technology. The shell is durable and ensures hours of amazement (for parents, too)!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The coolest thing I’ve bought ever! We played with it for hours. This is perfect. Scary good.

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My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise


Kids grow their own magical garden with soil, seeds and a unicorn to watch, natch. Teaches responsibility since they have to water their garden, but it’s also a super fun, best-selling and sweet, wholesome activity for any 5-year-old.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
They loved getting the soil ready, planting the seeds and so excited to watch them sprout within 2 days. Very cute set. A cute gift idea & the kids absolutely love it!

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Melissa & Doug Puppy Pursuit Games


This set is bound to become a family favorite. It includes 6 stuffed puppies, 60 paw-print cards and 10 suggested games that challenge memory and matching skills. For example, your kiddo searches around the house for hidden puppies using clues. Puppy Pursuit is tons of fun and will inspire more activities than just what’s in the box.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Awesome game but even if you don't play the pups are adorable. This is an amazing game. It allows them to think, be patient, and have a LOT of fun.

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Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set


Since 5-year-olds still love to mimic what they see in real life, this school play set is going to lead to hours of fun as they “teach” their stuffed animals and dolls what they learned in class. The tri-fold set comes with 149 pieces, including a play clock, white board, school bell, pointer, hall passes, workbook pages and grading stickers.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is such a cute, inclusive school set. This is a well made product and great for children who like to play school. We've had it 6 months now and haven't run out of the paper slips, even though she's played with it a lot.

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Melissa & Doug Rainforest Floor Puzzle


Go back to basics and give the gift of a puzzle kids can take out on a rainy day or use to keep busy while Mom or Dad make dinner. This 48-piece puzzle by beloved toymaker Melissa & Doug features a vibrant jungle scene that will thrill and challenge little minds.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 3 and 5 year old grandkids loved this one. We are talking big! Great for little hands. My daughter LOVES this puzzle. Months later, she still puts it together at least once a day.

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Kid Made Modern Art Kit - Smarts and Crafts Case


Give a 5-year-old some art supplies, and check back in five hours. Of course kids require supervision, but this 1,000-piece set is going to entertain any little one for a very long time. The carrying case includes pipe cleaners, craft sticks, felt, glue, self-adhesive jewels, googly eyes, beads, pom-poms and more!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughter (age 5) got this for Christmas and she loves it! It's great for setting out and letting them be creative on their own. The case that it comes in is very sturdy and holds everything just right within it's compartments.

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RoyalBaby Bike


Five is the perfect age to get rid of those training wheels and move on to a big-kid bike! RoyalBaby is one children’s bicycle brand parents love for its durability. For use with and without training wheels, this unisex bike design features extra thick wheels, non-slip pedals, a kickstand, a hand brake and a seat made for little ones’ comfort. FYI, the manufacturer recommends ordering 14-inch or 16-inch wheels for a 5-year-old.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This bike is absolutely adorable and so sturdy. I love that the chain is shrouded and the kid doesn't contact a ton of grease. I love how adjustable it is. Easy to assemble.

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Nutcase Helmet


Any kiddo tooling around on their bike or scooter needs a rad helmet. Available in a ton of fun designs, from pirate themed to butterflies, Nutcase helmets are winning with parents because they’re highly rated for safety and feature a dial system that grows the helmet with your child. Best of all, the chin strap closure is magnetic, which means no more pinching. Amen!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Hands down the best and most adorable helmet ever! The chinstrap and buckle are very comfortable and easy to use with minimal risk of pinching any skin during the process. The Nutcase brand makes the best helmets!

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iPad mini


If you’re ready to take the leap and buy your 5-year-old the gift of their own tablet, the iPad mini is right-sized for little users. People are raving about the Retina display and portability. If you are an Apple family, you’ll love this product, and, yeah, so will your kiddo!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
What can you say about an IPad mini 4 except it's great! Very happy with this purchase. It works very well. It’s the perfect size. The battery lasts long as well. I would definitely recommend.

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Reversible Magic Sequin Notebook


In case you haven’t heard, “flippy” sequins are all the rage. A little girl will adore this journal, where she can share her deepest thoughts, with words she knows how to spell so far. The journal cover alone will keep her busy while waiting for a meal or appointment.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Very good for birthday presents, My daughter likes it very much, and the price is better. I will buy it again next time.

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Galt Toys Slime Lab


We dare you to find a 5-year-old who isn’t obsessed with slime! The age-appropriate Galt Toys Slime Lab challenges kids to experiment with and think about the science behind it. Kids can make their own versions of the goo, from glow-in-the-dark to bouncy. Just keep it away from the carpet!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Kept our great-grand busy with all the different tests.