Best Gifts for 6-Year-Olds for Birthdays and Holidays

by Melissa Willets

Best Gifts for 6-Year-Olds for Birthdays and Holidays
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At age 6, kids are gaining independence and knowledge seemingly every day. Not only can they do more on their own, such as read with less help, get ready without you hovering over them and even pour a glass of juice (and maybe even stop it before it overflows), but their personalities also are truly starting to come out.


The Best Gifts for 6-Year-Olds for Birthdays and Holidays


Kids this age understand jokes and love to tell them. They are reading their first chapter books and sharing their thoughts on the plot and characters. Six-year-olds have much longer attention spans now and may even complete their homework unassisted. With maybe a quick dance break.


The life of a kid who is 6 is still about burning off energy, and their imaginations continue to dominate play and activities. Many kids this age will start to show a competitive streak, and organized sports may be just the place to develop it. Keep in mind that your child is still working on how to handle criticism, however. But hey, aren’t we all?


Seeing a 6-year-old grow is exciting! They are sure to impress with new skills, like telling left from right, and may even teach parents a thing or two they don’t know (at least pretend!), like how ocean waves are made.


If you are looking for just the right gift for the 6-year-old smarty-pants/ball of energy in your life, we have all the hottest, most desired and most innovative toys on this list. Scroll through our choices for boys and girls who love sports, unicorns, books, crafting, video games and, of course, slime.



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Mookie Reflex Soccer Game


Future David Beckhams can practice their soccer skills indoors or outdoors with this highly rated toy. Just fill the base with sand or water, inflate the ball and let your kiddo kick away. The handle on the base means this active game is easily transportable to the park or a nearby practice field.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This was quite fun to play with, and works pretty well. Love that my son can practice soccer on the patio. Thank goodness I found this so my son would stop kicking the ball into the wall!

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Elmer's Slime Making Kit


Slime is captivating the attention of kids everywhere. With this mega kit, curious kiddos can make their own glow-in-the-dark, color and clear slime. It’s non-toxic and washable, so parents can rest easy. Until slime gets on the sofa.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This kit is amazing for a group to try out. It includes a little bit of every kind of slime. Super simple with the two ingredients and very easy to make. This is a great product and easy to use, my kids loved it!

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Fat Brain Toys Reptangles


This modern and innovative construction toy features 24 colorful turtles that snap together in 100 different ways for endless possibilities for fun and creativity. Parents, this toy also helps strengthen math and reasoning skills, and build dexterity, so everybody wins!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are so much fun. This is the coolest toy! This is quite a challenging toy. Gives the ‘user’ a great opportunity to use the brain to ‘fit’ things together.

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Kidzlane Light up Dance Mat


This active toy is a padded dance surface that encourages kids (and parents!) to move to a beat. It can also be connected to a Bluetooth device to stream favorite tunes. Three games and five skill levels challenge memory and fitness. And the good news for parents is that the mat features volume control settings.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My kids love it. They get it out almost every day. Easiest set up ever...pop in the batteries and it's ready to go. Fun way to get the kids moving and having fun. Good features like where they have to follow a sequence.

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Roald Dahl Collection- 15 Paperback Book Boxed Set


Isn’t it amazing how much your child’s reading aptitude is growing every day? They may be ready to start devouring classic books like those featured in this set by Roald Dahl, with some help from Mom and Dad. Giggle along with your kiddo as you share the adventures of James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and more. Includes 15 paperback tomes destined to become family favorites.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This book collection is simply wonderful! Ah, the memories. They are just as good as I remember them and so unique. Excellent books for children of all ages. Maybe the little ones will need an adult to read to them some of the stories with the most complex vocabulary.

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Awesome Jokes That Every 6 Year Old Should Know!


Foster your kiddo’s growing sense of humor with this joke book just for their age and senses of humor. Just get ready to laugh at their newfound comic chops.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It is easy to read for him and he understands the silly jokes. I love this book! Just gave this to my (almost) 6yr. old grandson. He LOVES it! the way the jokes are laid out makes it easy for her to tell the set up from the punchline.

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Junie B. Jones's First Boxed Set Over!


Kids will relate so hard to the adventures of kindergartner Junie B. Jones. This New York Times bestselling starter-chapter book series set includes paperback books 1 - 4. Perfect for children who are starting to read on their own.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It was his first chapter book that he read independently! The Junie B Jones books are wonderful for little kids! They give real life kid experiences with a funny point of view. It's so nice to have funny books that kids can totally relate to.

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Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit


Mini-fashionistas can make up to 10 headbands with this fun and exciting crafting set, which includes decorative feathers, rhinestones and fabric flowers, as well as craft glue, to inspire looks from pretty to funky.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Accessories that come with it are colorful, pretty, and unique! Ribbons come in so many different colors, width, and designs. Feathers and rhinestones are beautiful accessories, and they definitely make each hairband look very unique.

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Remote Control RC Programmable Robot


With a remote control in hand, your 6-year-old can command this robot to perform a series of commands, like moving forward, backward and side-to-side. The robot also features LED eyes and sound and music effects that will thrill your little guy or gal.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Well designed, very clever and sturdy. The dancing was hilarious and the music was all fun. I can’t say enough on how great this toy is lights up, plays multiple songs, sayings, noises, and rolls and bumps around. This will entertain the whole family. The kids will love it!

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US Sense Boys Toys 6 Pack LED Foam Finger Rockets Slingshot Rocket Copters


Made of foam and rubber, these LED-lit outdoor finger rockets operate battery free, day or night. Clear some room, and let ‘em rip! Sure to inspire active play, laughter and fun for the whole family. Just warn kids that their little sibling is not to be used as a target, under any circumstances!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Boy can these sucker's soar! This was an inexpensive product that brought everyone together which to me was priceless. Great rockets - we used them for a party at night and the kids had a blast.

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Hauck Lightning- Pedal Go Kart


Drivers-in-training to the race track, er, the driveway! Kids with energy to burn will love this authentic go-kart ride-on vehicle. The adjustable seat is ergonomically designed for comfort, and the pedaling action will get little ones’ heart rates soaring as fast as their imaginations.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 6 year old LOVES it. Good quality, worth the price. This car has been the hit of our neighborhood! Can't say enough good things about the Hauck Go-Kart! Just when you think ‘they don't make 'em like that anymore’ you find out that, yes, in this case they do.

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A classic toy like Connect 4 will still entertain today’s kids. Help yours work on taking turns and strategic thinking, while building fun family memories. Snacks optional, but recommended!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We absolutely love this game! OK, This one was the biggest hit of all. Of course, she beat the pants off of me but had a great time doing it. This is the same classic game that I played when I was a kid, and now I can play it with my children!

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Twister Game


This classic game is making a big comeback with kids. Twister is great for family game night or a rainy day stuck inside, or maybe even a first sleepover. Sure to inspire laughs and memories alike.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this as a gift for my niece and nephew (they are 6) and they love it. This is an awesome game!! I had it when I was a child, and I was excited to buy it for my niece, who is six years old. Of all the games we placed out for the birthday party, Twister… allowed the children to release their energy the most.

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LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase


Colorful LEGOs stored in a carrying case that kids can transport with them? Yeah, that’s a good gift for a 6-year-old, any way you look at it. This LEGO suitcase will be a toy they’ll return to again and again, year after year, since there are infinite projects to imagine and execute.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It's by LEGO, what's not to love? THIS LEGO SET KEPT THE CHILDREN ENTERTAINED FOR A LONG TIME. It's very nice for traveling.

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Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils & Paper Set


Twistables are a big hit with kids. They just love twisting up the colors; somehow it’s more fun than regular coloring! This set, which includes 40 sheets of paper, and 25 Twistables, comes in its own carrying case so it’s perfect for taking out to dinner, or for road, or air trips.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“Pencils can last a long time. What you’d expect for Crayola quality. The carrying case makes them perfect for the travel.

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Sequin Unicorn Activity Kit


Unicorn anything wins big with any 6-year-old girl. This plush pet can be customized with felt stickers and features rainbow sequins. Because rainbows are also guaranteed to make a 6-year-old girl smile.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Very cute! I love that it is weighted and it is good for kids who may have sensory issues. My daughter loved this so much we bought more to give as gifts. The sequins are fun and the little felt pieces are a nice feature that add something special.

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SUUKAA RC Remote-Control Stunt Car for Kids


This durable, remote-control car can flip 360 degrees and stand upright. It comes in multiple colors, and is winning big with kids and parents because it crashes and keeps going, and keeps kids’ attention as they learn to master the controls.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Good fun for the price. Dependable and durable. Made to take flips and crashes. This is a fun toy. The kids love to play with it.

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Razor Scooter


The Razor is a staple of modern-day childhood. Kids will have hours and hours of fun zipping around at the park or in the neighborhood. What’s more, this scooter folds up for easy storage and transport. Available in multiple colors from red to blue to pink.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughters love this scooter. Big enough for little feet and small enough to fold and put away. the handlebar size is adjustable. It’s easy to fold up for keeping at school, then ready for riding home. I’m very happy and so is my granddaughter.

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Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has come a long way since we were kids! The Switch lets kids play their favorite video games at home on the TV or on the go, since the dock easily converts to a handheld device. Gamers can take it in the car or to wait for an appointment. For one player or the whole family.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I absolutely love the Nintendo Switch. The ability to play my games on both the TV and on the go is something I didn't ever really think was possible. This console is so awesome! The switch has made my child’s heart sing!

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Garmin- Vivofit Jr. Activity Tracker For Kids


This water-resistant fitness tracker (that can even go in the pool or bath!) inspires kids to keep moving all day long. Kids also learn responsibility with keeping track of time. Parents can sync up with the device online, then award points when kids complete chores or tasks. And you can keep track of the quality of kids’ sleep through the device.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
He loves the activity counter, he has been more active since he received it. Reaching his goal & exceeding it is a great motivator for him. It's easy to customize - I can choose from a long list of chores or create my own, then assign values to each chore, as well as the rewards that the coins can be redeemed for.

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LEGO Juniors The Joker Batcave Attack


Superhero lovers will be challenged and enthralled by this 151-piece LEGO set that includes 3 figures and an easy-to-build Batwing jet. This is the ideal project for a weekend at home and can be played with again and again.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 6 year old can do this with no help. Great set. Fun set! Easy to build and provided lots of hours of play already!

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Cool Marker Sew N' Style Sewing Machine


It’s a sewing machine that is safe for 6-year-olds, and inspires tons of creativity and pride. The machine comes with enough fabric to make five projects — like a glitter pouch and plush unicorn — plus pom-poms and ribbon, so your kiddo can have fun blinging out their creations to their heart’s desire.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughter LOVES this! She’s only six so this is easy enough for her. The sewing machine works great and simple to operate.

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Barbie DreamHouse Playset


Life in the Dreamhouse is kind of impressive. Barbie gets seven rooms, three floors and an elevator. There are so many cool features your child will never grow tired of exploring, like real, working lights and an aquarium with bubble sounds. Over 70 accessories included. There’s even a pool for Barbie and her friends to take a dip.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I had Barbie's Dream House when I was a little girl in the 80s-90s. I loved it and still remember it vividly. I was so excited to get my daughter her first doll house. It was fun having her help me assemble it. It took about 30 minutes to make sure everything was there and to put it together. Very simple. The instructions are mostly pictures, so anyone can do it..

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Perfect Petzzz


This pet is so real, it actually breathes! Your child will love caring for their own dog or cat that is as close to the real thing as it gets — except you don’t have to walk it or pay vet bills. Comes with pet bed and a brush.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This little dog is too adorable. It is better than I expected. The fur feels like really fur, the features are quite realistic. My daughter LOVES this life-like tiny puppy. It sleeps in its bed next to her, and ‘breathes’ all the time like it's a real dog!

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Kid made Modern Ultimate Jewelry Kit


This kit includes 675 beads and everything a child needs to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. The box keeps things organized. Perfect project for when the babysitter comes over!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Nice! My grandchildren love making things with this! The set has plenty of items to last quite awhile and make lots of designs with.