20 Animal Cake Designs

by Editors

20 Animal Cake Designs

With our easy step-by-step birthday cake patterns you can make an impressive animal-themed cake for your next bash.

by Karen Tack, photos by Kenneth Chen


First, we showed you how to make 31 amazing birthday cakes step-by-step. Now we’ve got a whole new batch of 30 more showstopper cakes that’ll be the talk of every birthday party. We show you how to make each surprisingly easy cake with pictures and diagrams.


Owl Birthday Cake

Making this adorable, wide-eyed owl cake for your kid’s next birthday is sure to be a “wise” choice.


Mini chocolate chips make the owl’s short dark feathers, while banana Runts become the beak and talons.


See the step-by-step recipe



Who knew squids could be so cute? Whip up this easy cake for your future marine biologist.


Pipe purple frosting at varying lengths for tentacles, and stud rolled-out Laffy Taffys with Smarties for suction cups.




Got a Happy Feet fan? Make him this cute penguin cake.



Chocolate cookies become the penguin’s flappy wings, and circus peanuts make the beak and feet.



Pig Cupcakes

These little pink piggies will be right at home on a cupcake platter—and make serving a snap.



Using pink marshmallows for the piggys’ snout and ears makes these cupcakes a cinch.



Teddy Bear

Your kid’s cuddly companion makes an equally cute cake design.



Create the teddy bear’s fuzzy texture by piping the frosting in squiggly circles.




Your pint-sized Jacques Cousteau will dive straight into this easy loaf cake.



This shark’s toothy grin is made of cut-up marshmallows and fruit leather.




Make your kid’s next birthday a “hoppy” one with this sweet pink bunny cake.



Use colored coconut for the bunny’s fluffy coat and marshmallows for the cotton-ball tail.




The cuddly koala from Down Under makes one cute cake design.



Imitate a koala’s fuzzy fur with colored coconut, and its big nose with a chocolate Ring Ding.



Frog Cupcakes


Go green—literally—for your kids’ next birthday with these fun frog cupcakes.






Make extra-long, sticky frog tongues with Fruit by the Foot, and floppy frog feet with spearmint leaves.



Fish Tank


Nothing’s fishy about this easy-to-make, colorful fish tank cake.



Decorate your fish tank cake with goldfish crackers, praline crunch aquarium pebbles and a graham-cracker castle.





Make your kid’s next birthday farmtastic with this realistic barn cake.



Create bales of hay with shredded wheat, and barn roof shingles with Golden Grahams.


Bird House

Your little bird-watcher-in-training will sing for this “tweet” cake.



Decorate this birdhouse cake with jelly bean flowers, chocolate nonpareils and a marshmallow Peep “peeping” out.



Wish your kid happy trails with this chocolate horse cake.



Recreate a horse’s thick mane with chocolate Twizzlers.




Let your kid take a bite out of this slithering cupcake snake.



12 individual cupcakes decorated with M&M’s make serving time neat and easy.



It’s a fact, dinosaurs rule! Let your mini-paleontologist add his own spikes and scales.



Jelly-fruit slices are the perfect shape for dino dorsal plates and (probably) way more colorful than they were in prehistoric times.




This is the cake for kids who like eating bananas and monkeying around. (Which means all of them.)



Cake and donuts? Now that’s a birthday bonus.




This homemade lion cake is perfect for the king of the jungle gym.



Your kids can help make the lion’s wavy mane with crunchy chow-mein noodles.




Puppy love! Dog lovers will jump for joy over this adorable, blue-eyed birthday treat.



Chocolate graham crackers make yummy, floppy ears for this sweet pup.




Showcase this cake at a party and the neighborhood kids will think your tyke is one cool cat.


Use a fork and a little of your own creative flourish to create this cat cake’s fluffy fur.




Whether your kid is a fan of the pizza-eating, ninja kind or has a live one in a glass bowl, this turtle cake is sure to please.



Making a rabbit-quick shell pattern with rolled out fruit chews.