Have a Cupcake Party!

by Kelly Ladd Sanchez

Have a Cupcake Party!

Make dessert the main event with this sweet birthday party idea.


Baker’s Special

Introduce young children to baking by throwing a cupcake-decorating party.


Explore cupcake options here!


It’s How We Roll

Print out an invitation, wrap around a mini—rolling pin ($5 for eight;, and secure with a sticker. (




Decorate with an easy-to-make garland. Using a needle, thread colorful cupcake liners ($3 to $4;


Fabulous Favors

In a mason jar, layer a cup-cake with frosting and repeat. (


Top This

Offer an assortment of frosting colors, sprinkles and candies, and let guests pile on the sweetness. (


Just Sippin’

Dip the rim of a glass into pink melted candy coating. Then place the rim in a bowl of sprinkles. Shake off excess. Once dry, fill with strawberry milk and marshmallows. (


Chef’s Choice

Let the kids decorate chef hats ($3 each) and aprons ($2 each; with fabric markers and letter stickers (both at crafts stores) before they start cookin’.


Make a Wish

As an alternative to a cake, stick candles on top of a stack of gorgeous cookies. (