First Birthday Party Ideas

by Sabrina James

First Birthday Party Ideas

Stress-free fun ideas to celebrate your baby's 1st year

Your baby is 1, and it's time to party! "Our darling Gracie's first birthday was in January, and it felt like a celebration for us for making it through our first year," says Tori Horne of Tallahassee, Florida. We asked Penny Warner, child development instructor and author of more than 12 party and activity books, including Baby Birthday Parties: 20 Fun Theme Parties for Babies 1 to 3, for ideas on hosting that first milestone party. "There's a lot to juggle—the unpredictable mood and schedule of a toddler, appropriate themes and snacks, even the number of guests." Her seven stress-free tips and theme ideas will have you and your bambino tossing your party hats into the air.

Watch the clock

Plan the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Babies have short attention spans and run out of energy and interest quickly. Plan the party for late morning or late afternoon-pre- or post-nap-when baby isn't tired.

VIPs only

Scale back the guest list to avoid overwhelming your babe and keep costs down.

Ask for help

Consider hiring a babysitter or asking a family member to help you balance your hosting duties with enjoying your baby's big day.

Babies love balloons

Opt for foil, or Mylar, balloons instead of latex to avoid choking hazards for kids under 8. Find Mylar balloons and Balloon Time helium tank kits at

Create a play place

Many of the babies in this age range are still on all fours, so baby-proof a play zone filled with age-appropriate toys for your little guests. Set chairs around the zone for parents to relax and watch.

Check your treats

Ask your guests if there are food allergies to consider. Keep snacks simple, like chopped fruit and graham crackers for the kids, and more grown-up versions for the adults to munch.

Don't stress

You're still a few years shy of hiring a D.J. and hosting pony rides. It won't matter to baby whether you throw the party of the season or just celebrate at home with your immediate family. As long as he's with you and feels love all around, that's all that matters.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Spark his imagination with a transportation celebration.

  • Activity: Expect oohs and ahhs when you set up Cardboardesign's airplane along with finger paints and smocks for pint-size artists to decorate. The final handprint-laden masterpiece makes a great keepsake. $50 for plane;
  • Decor: Hang paper airplanes made from colored paper and yarn from the ceiling for a modern mobile effect.
  • Invite: All aboard! Download and print free train-ticket invitations from Add construction-paper backing for a sturdy, styled look.
  • Sweet treat: Rev up their appetites with these modern cupcake toppers. An easy, do-it-yourself template is available for download at We won't tell your friends just how easy it really was.
  • Favors: Cultivate your tiny guests' creative genius with oversized crayons shaped like their fave modes of transportation.

Storybook Party

Turn kiddie books into a birthday wonderland and watch the "characters" come to life!

  • Activity: It's story time. Ask a dynamic friend or hire a storyteller from your local library to host story time. Sing-a-long nursery rhymes optional.
  • Decor: Make your walls come alive with paper garland strung with vintage storybook illustrations. $8;
  • Invite: Set the tone for your party with a fairy tale-inspired
  • Invitation: That looks just like a book. Download instructions and templates from You can even ask guests to come dressed as their favorite storybook character!
  • Sweet treats: Decorate
  • Cupcakes: With quotes from books and nursery rhymes. favors Little Golden Books make great vintage-inspired takeaways. $4 each;