Fish Theme Birthday Party

by Emily Kruckemyer

Fish Theme Birthday Party

Your little sweetie's turning 1—and you survived! Use our decoration, invitation and favor ideas for baby's first birthday and things will go swimmingly.

Make everyone think you made your own with these handmade fish bowl cuties ($47 for 25; Send them three to four weeks before your party date.

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Sweet treat
Two bites of tasty goodness on a stick make cake pops a fun alternative to a traditional frosted cake or cupcakes. Call a local bakery and ask for round cake pops in shimmery blue and white to mimic bubbles.

Transform paper lanterns (available at Michaels stores) into fish using card stock paper for tails and felt for eyes. Hang with fishing line.

Babies love bubbles. (We found these in the wedding section of Michaels!) Add ribbons and thank-you tags for a personal touch.

Serve sandwiches that smile back on Pepperidge Farm's new Goldfish-shaped breads.