10 Very Cool Ice Cream Party Ideas

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10 Very Cool Ice Cream Party Ideas
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These 10 adorable ice cream party ideas will make your party a sweet day to remember.


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Sprinkle of Color


Every great party starts with awesome decorations. Make these adorable mini sprinkle cone balloons for a colorful centerpiece.

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Say Cheese ... or Ice Cream

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Capture the smiling (and sticky) faces of all the party guests with this cone photo backdrop. It's a simple DIY project that will help create forever memories of a special day.

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Chill by the Pool


Are you throwing your party at a water park or at the pool? Don't forget your cone floaties! They add a fun pop of color. This ice cream cone sandwich float looks delicious too.

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Put a Cherry on Top


Don't leave the ice cream theme to food and decorations only. Ask guests to come in their sprinkliest frozen get-up and host a contest for the best costume.

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Pin It to Win It


Games are a staple of any stellar party. Keep it lively with a friendly game of pin the toppings on the cone.

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Set the (Ice Cream) Bar High

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An ice cream social isn't complete without a fully stocked toppings bar. Offer a generous selection of candies, and create a custom menu with flavor and topping options.

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Get the Scoop

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Make the ice cream bar easy for everyone, and offer pre-scooped flavor options. Simply place each scoop in a muffin tin, then place them back in their original containers when it's party time. Serve on ice to keep them cold and keep the messes to a minimum!

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Donut Forget the Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Another fabulous addition to the lineup is donut ice cream sandwiches. Pick your favorite donut flavors, slice them in half, fill with ice cream and top with sprinkles. Yum!

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Shake up Your Cake

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A party isn't complete without the cake, so think outside the box and use sugar cones as cupcake liners!

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Sweet Party Favors

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Send your guests home with an ice cream container full of treats and goodies. Print out these whimsical labels for the party favor boxes.