Winter Wonderland Party

by Kelly Ladd Sanchez

Winter Wonderland Party

Throw an awesome blizzard birthday bash with DIY invitations, penguin party crafts and treats.

Paint four jumbo ice-pop sticks white. Once dry, glue the center of the sticks then adhere buttons with glue. Print party details on card stock and attach it to the center of the snowflake.

Hotglue six Styrofoam ornaments into a triangle shape. Snip off the bottom end of a rock-candy stick and skewer each ball with one piece of rock candy. ($2 each; Party City stores)

Have everyone make these adorable penguins crafts.

Pour 2-3 cups (depending on size of sock) of uncooked rice into a black dress sock. Leave about 1/3rd of the sock empty. Use a rubber band or twist tie to secure the top of the sock. Cut the top of the sock off.

Belly: Cut a five-inch oval out of white felt. Cut the bottom of the oval so it is a straight line. Hot glue it onto the penguin’s belly.

Decorate: Hot glue on buttons for eyes and a small orange felt triangle for the nose.

Fill toilet paper rolls with candy. Wrap with tissue paper and adorn with ribbon.

Sweet treat
Everyone will go gaga over these tasty black-and-white tuxedo penguins. ($55 per dozen;

Or make an adorable creation of your own with this easy penguin cake recipe.

For a festive feel, string this whimsical snowflake garland around your party room . ($6;