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Culling advice from the other experts

Matt Villano

While I like to think that the combination of life as a travel writer and fatherhood make me an expert on the subject of family travel, I admit readily that I don’t have all the answers.

That, in a nutshell, is why I’m totally geeking out over the latest project from Expedia.

Dubbed “Kids in the City,” the effort is a compilation of 12 distinct guides to 12 top U.S. summer family travel destinations such as Boston, Chicago, Denver and San Diego, to name a few. Each guide is run by one of my colleagues—bloggers who also happen to be moms. (As an aside, some of the gals already appear on my blog roll to your right).

The blogs themselves feature the best places to see, stay, eat and play with kids of all ages. They also sport some cool videos.

Expedia certainly had reason to launch this guide; new internal research from the Seattle-based company indicates that 91 percent of U.S. family getaways are for travel here at home, and that 56 percent of those trips are to big cities.

That same data, which Expedia spokespeople shared for this post, indicated that 32 percent of those booking family getaways reported they were going to places they’d never visited before.

I, for one, plan to read the blogs (and follow the authors on Twitter) religiously, combing the resources for nuggets of material I can share with you here. In the meantime, if your summer travel plans call for visits to any of the destinations on the site, be sure to check out Kids in the City for yourself.