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Good Ideas About Family Travel

Flickr user flyingwithbaby, CC Licensed.

We family travel bloggers have to stick together, which means I’m always willing to share inspiring work when I read it.

With this in mind, two family travel stories caught my eye this week.

The first piece, which aired on The Today Show’s travel site, spotlighted how to survive traveling solo with your kids, and offered up suggestions such as packing light, listen to your kids and adjust your expectations (all pieces of advice you’ve read from yours truly here).

The second story fronted National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog. It was written by Tiffany Hawk, a former-flight-attendant-turned-travel-writer. Because of Tiffany’s experiences in the aisles, her tips cull advice from other flight attendants. Among the bunch: buy a ticket and bring a car seat; ask your airline about stroller restrictions; and turn your suitcase into a stroller.

(Obviously, however, if you’ve read my post about the parents who bribed fellow passengers with goodie bags, you know I don’t agree with Tiffany’s suggestion to hand out ear plugs.)

Ultimately, service pieces like these play an important role for us family travelers; they serve as best-practice documents for those of us willing to try new strategies and techniques the next time we fly.

When you’re talking about family travel; what works for one family might not work for another. This information helps us figure out what works best for our respective broods.

What tricks of the trade work for your family when y’all travel as a unit? Leave a comment.