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Great Site from an Unlikely Source

Transportation Security Administration

So what if the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) exists to keep us safe; if we’re being honest, especially after we read about incidents like this one, most of us family travelers can’t stand the hassles they add to our trips.

Still, these people are actually on our side.

I was reminded of this during a recent interview with TSA Spokesman Kawika Riley. The interview was for a story that will appear in one of our print magazines, and we chatted about a number of pre-existing TSA resources and some family-friendly initiatives that the agency will be rolling out over the next few months.

The resource that impressed me the most: a special Web site the TSA has set up just for us parents with young kids.

Highlights of the site include a litany of travel tips; specific instructions for traveling with formula, breast milk and juice; and an informative section about traveling with children with disabilities. I also love the videos, which are helpful without being condescending or too dumb.

If you’re flying with your brood any time in the near future, definitely give the site a visit. And remember: The majority of those TSA agents aren’t so bad after all.