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The Holy Grail of Travel Cups

Matt Villano

We’re big road-trippers in this family, which means a good travel cup is critical to keep L, my 3-year-old daughter, happy when we pile in the truck (or the Prius) for a family trip.

I recently asked her what she considers to be important attributes in a travel cup. Her responses:

  • “I like cups that are pink.”
  • “I like cups that don’t spill when you drop them.”
  • “I like cups with straws.”

(She also said some stuff about cups with Minnie Mouse stickers on them, and ones like those Briar Rose might use in her kitchen, but I figured these comments weren’t entirely relevant for the purposes of this particular story.)

It turns out that the new AUTOSPOUT Kids Striker Water Bottle, from Contigo, meets all of these specifications. I know this because the company sent me one to review. When the cup came in, I washed it and handed it over to L. She took the thing everywhere. To preschool. To the grocery store. And, of course, to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco on separate road trips.

In particular, L loved the push-button mechanism that releases a straw-like drink spout. She liked that the cup didn’t spill on her. And, of course, she liked that the model she received was pink.

From my perspective, the bottle rocks because it’s got a special handle that clips easily into a carabiner or backpack. It’s also easy to clean; all of the parts—including the straw itself—are dishwasher-safe.

Most important: The bottle retails for less than $10.

We’re fans of the Striker in this house. Definitely check it out before you stock up before your next big family trip.

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