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If Kids Ran the World of Travel

Paul Eisenberg

We grownups who cover family travel spend so much energy thinking about it that we often forget to ground ourselves with the perspectives that matter most: the perspectives of our kids.

That’s precisely why I like some of Paul Eisenberg’s recent blog posts for Sherman’s Travel so much.

The posts, which represent a two-part series (here and here), spotlight what kids would change about travel. In this case, the focus group comprises “experts” that Eisenberg knows pretty well: His own three children.

I’m not going to repurpose the entire posts; y’all can click through the links above and read them for yourselves. I must, however, share some of the highlights.

  • Maya, age 10, on what hotels should do differently: “There should be more choices on the room service menu, like mozzarella sticks. Also, seats in the elevator; what if you just went hiking and you’re really tired and you just want to sit?”
  • Felix, age 6, on what restaurants should do differently: “You could color your plate, and design it, and then when the food comes it could be on your own special designed plate. And if you get bored, the waiters could wear monkey suits and come entertain you.”
  • Libby, age 13, on what airports should do differently: “If you have time at the airport before you leave for your trip you should be able to take culture classes to teach you about the destination. Like, teach you customs and about the people. And the airports should offer language classes, Spanish or whatever language is spoken where you’re going.”

Trust me, there are other zingers. These are just the ones that made me guffaw. Enjoy the list. And to avoid snarfing, be sure you’re not drinking any beverages when you read the posts.

What would YOUR kids change about travel? Ask them and leave a comment with their answers in the field below.