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Good on-the-Go Snacks: The Key to a Great Family Trip

Matt Villano

Whether you’re dragging the kids on a lengthy road trip or you’re flying across the country to see some relatives, one thing about family travel is true: Good snacks make better trips. With this in mind, I recently set out to find the best and most family-friendly snacking options on the market.

My top choices: A stainless-steel snack trap from Snack Trap, and all-natural fruit and nut bars from KIND Healthy Snacks.

First, the snack trap.

From a design perspective, this little bugger is nothing new—it trades off traditional snack trap design that combines a regular cup with a 6-panel lid designed to keep stuff inside.  In terms of materials, however, the new product is vastly superior to just about everything in the past.

Stainless steel means no mold, which, in turn, means a better vessel for toting snacks of the cut-fruit variety. When I tried the trap with my own kids, I found that =the steel also enabled us to keep the snacks colder (and therefore fresher) than they would have been in a plastic trap or a different vessel all together.

In short, this sucker enabled us all to snack on strawberries from the moment we pulled out of our driveway to the moment we arrived at Yosemite National Park, roughly five hours away. At $5.99 a pop, the little traps are a decent investment, too.

Which brings me to the KIND bars. We first spotted these in Chicago-O’Hare International airport. Our flight was delayed and I was flat out of snacks. My older daughter was drawn to them because of the way they looked like “rectangles of almonds.” Her selection that time: Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate with Protein, which she devoured in seconds.

Since that trip, we’ve tried about a half-dozen different flavors. Those that have gone over well include Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and Antioxidants, and Blueberry Pecan and Fiber.

(Personally, I’m also a fan of the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt.)

As a snack, I like the bars because they don’t contain anything artificial. I’m also drawn to the social entrepreneurship aspect of the brand; a portion of every purchase goes toward funding unexpected acts of kindness for people in need.

Powerwoman and I harp on the charitable aspect of the product quite a bit, using the products as an opportunity to talk to L about the importance of giving back. It’s gotten to the point where our older daughter gets excited to purchase KIND bars, just so she can help others. Now that’s what I call a healthy snack.