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The poop on poop in a hotel tub

Flickr user jay_beaton1, CC Licensed.

No matter how you look at it, poop in a tub is never pleasant.

At home, when our babies birth those floaters, we scrunch our noses in disgust as we remove the kids, remove the turds, drain the tub and bee-line for the cleaning supplies.

On the road, however, when you’re giving junior a bath in a hotel tub, limited options in the towel and bleach departments, coupled with the foreign territory can make the situation even worse.

What do you? How do you eradicate the poop and get the tub to a place where you’ll be comfortable letting Calgon take you away?

For starters, don’t panic. Removing your baby from the poo-water remains the top priority, so be sure to do it safely, especially if the tub has a lip on which you might stumble. (Unfortunately, yours truly learned that last lesson the hard way. Poor elbow).

Once you’ve got the kid wiped, dried and plopped safely in the crib, head back to the bathroom and go “fishing” for the biggest, um, offenders. If the property has plastic or paper cubs near the ice bucket, use one of those; if not, a glass tumbler also will work. Flush all brown stuff into the toilet as you would your own. Then drain the tub.

Finally, unless you (are a spaz like me and) always travel with an ample supply of Woolite, it’s time to call housekeeping.

Some parents feel skittish calling the maids to come and clean their kids’ crap. If you’re one of these parents, get over it. Housekeepers wear gloves. They have access to powerful, germ-killing chemicals. And especially in swanky places, they are paid to keep guests happy.

In extenuating circumstances—like, if your child had diarrhea—it’s probably nice to tip a housekeeper some extra money for the second visit.

Otherwise, save your money for a minibar-raid once the baby is asleep; every family travel tub poop warrants as much.