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Babies Can Understand Language at Six Months


Results published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that babies as early as six months old can understand and differentiate between generic words that refer to categories.  Researchers tested 33 babies by tracking their eye movements while being shown images of two objects.  A parent would ask about one of the objects, and the results showed that the babies were more likely to fix their gaze on the correct picture. 

Previously it has been believed that babies could understand words like “mommy” or “daddy,” but this new study proves that babies have the ability to comprehend the difference between everyday things like apples and oranges. "This study presents a great message to parents: You can talk to your babies, and they're going to understand a bit of what you're saying,” said lead researcher Dr. Daniel Swingley. “They're not going to give us back witty repartee, but they understand some of it. And the more they know, the more they can build on what they know.”

What do you talk to your baby about? What were your baby’s first words?