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Q&A with Celebrity Mom Kimora Lee Simmons

Rob Kim/Getty

Kimora Lee Simmons is a busy lady. Not only is she a reality show star, mom to three, and president of, but she recently partnered with Bounty to support—an organization that helps teachers get the supplies they need for a positive learning environment. Now the fashionista dishes on being a mom.

Describe your parenting style in one word: Protective.

Favorite TV family of all time (real or fictional): The Simmons-Hounsou clan, of course. We're real and we're on TV!

What's always in your refrigerator? Peach-flavored Greek yogurt.

Last meal you made for your family: Does reheating an egg roll count?

Finish this sentence: “I almost fell over when my child said ___ to ___.” When Aoki was 6, she told Alicia Keys, “I like your hair, but it looks like you have a hamburger bun on the side of your head.”

Craziest thing you've ever done because you were sleep-deprived: I live in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Some days I go to bed at 3 a.m. and I'm up at 5 a.m.

If you wrote a parenting manual, what would the title be? I don't know yet, but you will soon because one day I'll write one.

Last lost toy/object you helped your child find: Aoki's permission slip for day camp. Instead of just one emergency contact, I put down five.

Kids' TV show you love: Documentaries on Animal Planet, and classic black-and-white movies.

Guilty pleasure: Before bed every night, I eat a Twix bar. And not the fun-size bar, either.

Favorite place on earth: My bed, because it's so cozy. Otherwise, Paris.

Best piece of parenting advice you ever got: This too shall pass, so take deep breaths.

First words that pop into your head when you hear the word “mom:” Love—and hard work.