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Spoon-Fed Babies at Higher Risk for Obesity

Larsen & Talbert

A study published today in the medical journal BMJ Open found a new reason why kids crave sugary treats: it all starts with baby’s first bites.

Plus: 13 Great First Finger Foods

Researchers at the University of Nottingham England determined that babies who were spoon-fed purees were more likely to prefer sweets as they got older, as opposed to babies who fed themselves finger foods.  A total of 155 children were studied, ages ranging from 20 months to six and a half-years-old. Those who were spoon-fed tended to be overweight as children, while the babies whose parents weaned them gradually preferred healthier meals and were able to maintain normal weights.

Plus: Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Researcher Ellen Townsend explains, “Our study suggests that baby-led weaning has a positive impact on the liking for foods that form the building blocks of healthy nutrition, such as carbohydrates." Maybe it’s time to let the little guy get messy and feed himself.

What are your baby’s favorite finger foods?