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Q & A with Country Singer Josh Turner

Courtesy Josh Turner

Country crooner Josh Turner is known throughout the industry for being a family man to wife Jennifer and sons Marion, age 1; Colby, age 3; and Hampton, age 5.  We caught up with singer/songwriter about his new album, and what it’s like to bring his kids on tour.

Earlier this summer, Punching Bag debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Country chart. What makes this record different from your past albums?
This record shows a lot of confidence and depth. There's a maturity that's present in this record that comes from the experience I've gained in the last 12 years. It's also my most country record.

I know you wrote most of the songs the new album. What inspires you in your writing and your music?
My inspiration comes from all around me. I'm very observant to life happening around me so watch what you say--it could end up on my next record!

You’re known as an artist with strong family values. How do you balance being a country music star with being a good father and husband?
I balance being an artist and a husband and father by trying to spend time with my wife and boys away from the bus or the stage. Putting my phone down is hard to do, but I have to in order to truly separate the business from the personal. 

Has your music changed at all since you became a dad?
I don't necessarily think my music has changed, but my way of looking at and listening to music has changed since I became a daddy. I'm sure there'll be songs down the road that will have been inspired by my boys. 

In the video for your latest single, “Time is Love,” a dad shows off pictures of his daughter. Do you find yourself bragging on your kids? What’s your favorite picture you have of your sons?
I definitely am a proud father. My favorite picture of them is actually one we did for People. Marion is in my arms, Colby is on my shoulders driving a monster truck on my head, and Hampton has his arms wrapped around my leg. 

Your wife and kids sing back-up on one track on your new album. How did that idea come about?
My producer, Frank Rogers, had the idea of including Jennifer and the boys on "Find Me a Baby". I thought it was silly at first but then realized it would be a great keepsake for us down the road. 

What was it like having them in the studio?
It was awesome to have them in the studio. They each went in one at a time and did their part. Jennifer had to hold Marion up to the mic because he was only 5 months old at the time!

What is it like bringing your family on tour with you?
Having them on the road with me is such a blessing. We get to be together all the time and see lots of interesting things and places. I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Do you think any of your children have futures as musicians?
As for their futures, time will tell, obviously. I think they each could in some form or fashion but at the end of the day it's all about what they love the most.